Celebration in Whitehall for Charles I on becoming Prince of Wales, 1616:

“The date of the pedigree (above) is more than a hundred years older, for Sir Thomas Skynner, who died while Lord Mayor of London, in 1596, is there mentioned as Aldermen Skynner, and Richard Skynner of Pycksley, born 1577, is one of the last recorded in it.
The Lincolnshire or original stem [of the Skinner family]  seems to have died out by the transfer of the estate through heiresses to other families. Sir Vincent Skynner, MP for Preston, of Thornton College, died November 1613, and his only son, William, who married July 22, 1618, Bridget, the favourite daughter of that great Judge, Lord Coke, and having been admitted at Lincoln’s Inn, November 6, 1613, he took an active part in a pageant at Whitehall, as appears by Middleton’s account of the Triumphe shown in honour of Charles I, when created Prince of Wales, on Monday, November 4, 1616 — ‘At night, to crowne it with more heroical honour, fortie worthie gentlemen of the noble societies of Innes of Courte, being tenne of each House, every one appointed, in way of honourable combate, to break three staves, three swords, and exchange ten blows apeece (whose names for their worthiness I commend to fame) beganne thus each to encounter the other. The first two presented to his Majestie, from Lincoln’s Inn, were Master Skynner and Master Wyndham’. Then follow the other names”….. (From ‘Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and his sons’ by Allan Maclean Skinner, 1863)