Golden wedding, July 2003

On Sunday 27 July we celebrated our Golden Wedding with a dinner at Carsington Visitor Centre – by the lake, between Ashbourne and Wirksworth in Derbyshire. Almost fifty people came, including all our children and grandchildren, and many friends. It was a wonderful and memorable occasion, and we stayed in Carsington for the whole of the following week, ending with an evening at the Mikado, in the Opera House at Buxton! Click here for some photos. We asked everyone at the dinner to contribute to an ox and cart for Africa, and they achieved it, so somewhere in Mozambique, probably in the province of Nampula, there is a useful memorial to our Golden Wedding. This is where some of the country’s poorest people live. World Vision have a programme at Murima, where there is a farming community, about 300 kilometres from the city of Nampula. You can find out more about the situation in Mozambique on the World Vision website at Thank-you, everyone.

Family Chart

Alan & Elizabeth, in Devon and London

(1) Sue; & Malcolm, in Yorkshire & Suffolk (2) Johnny (3) Mike; & Melissa, in Nottinghamshire (4) Meriel; & Simon, in Somerset


Mark (Son of Carol, in London) Simon Colin
Anthony Orion (Son of Carol, in New York) Helen Paul
Tai (Son of Carol, in California) Matthew