Website Updates

  • I have done some general tidying-up on the Edward Holroyd Pearce and Welcher pages, deleted the information about how to get to Carsington Water etc, and put up some photos of the Golden Wedding – see below.
  • Simon’s page really can be accessed from his name in the chart below now!
  • The Dant Family website no longer exists, so I have deleted the link.
  • In his book “Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and his Sons”, which he dedicated to his mother Ann Maclean, Allan Maclean Skinner wrote, “Born December 12th 1773, at Ardgour House, Argyleshire, …………. your father residing there, as guardian of the person and estates of his hereditary chieftain, and near kinsman, (the late Colonel Alexander Maclean, 13th of Ardgour, then an infant,) under the expressive local title of Factor Mohr, or the great manager, you…………..”. I had wondered what exactly was the relationship of Ann Maclean’s family to the Macleans of Ardgour, and have found, thanks to an American researcher of the Macleans who found this web site, that Ann and her siblings were the great-grandchildren, through their mother, of Allan Maclean of Ardgour, and his wife Ann Cameron, daughter of Sir Ewen Cameron. So Ann was a second cousin of baby Alexander, her mother Florance being a first cousin of his father Hugh Maclean of Ardgour.