Harry Wood

Harry Wood

b: 22 JAN 1869
From the 1901 Census, 30 March 1901:

85 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, Norfolk

Harry Wood Head Married 32 Tobaccanist Own account Working at home Born Cambridge
Grace Wood Wife Married 25 Born Cambridge
Winne Wood Dau 8 Born Cambridge
Ethel Wood Dau 7 Born Cambridge
May Wood Dau 3 Born Cambridge
Stanley Son 2 mths Born Cambridge

Alan Ray-Jones writes:

The census doesn't tie up with Eileen Welcher's recollections in two ways: that her mother Winfred was born in Birmingham, and that Winifred's father Harry was a tailor. I asked her about this (in 2003) and she replied "Nan seemed quite sure that she was born in Birmingham, and I expect she was right, Her scatty father had probably forgotten by 1901! I feel that Harry Wood was a tailor all the time, both before and during and after living over the tobacconist shop. There was a fire at this shop, and this caused the family to move back to Cambridge. As for being the son of George Tarrant Wood, I presume he must have been. otherwise the cricketer would not have been Nan's grandfather." Harry Wood, Lodging House Keeper, 42, his wife Fanny Grace Wood, 36, daughter Ethel Wood, 17, 'at home', and May Wood, 13 and Stanley Wood, 11, both at school.
  • 22 JAN 1869 - Birth - ; Cambridge, England.
  • 1897 - Fact -
  • 1887 - Occupation - Tailor ; Cambrdge, England
  • 1901 - Occupation - Tobacconist ; Cambrdge, England
George Frederick Wood
7 DEC 1838 - 2 JUL 1870
Harry Wood
22 JAN 1869 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) George Frederick Wood
Birth7 DEC 1838Cambridge
Death2 JUL 1870 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Marriageto Martha Lumb
FatherJames Tarrant
MotherEliza Wood
PARENT (F) Martha Lumb
Marriageto George Frederick Wood
MGeorge Thomas TARRANT
BirthABT 1863
MHarry Wood
Birth22 JAN 1869Cambridge, England.
Marriage11 DEC 1887to Anna Elizabeth Dant at Chesterton, Camridge, Cambridgeshire.
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Harry Wood
Birth22 JAN 1869Cambridge, England.
Marriage11 DEC 1887to Anna Elizabeth Dant at Chesterton, Camridge, Cambridgeshire.
FatherGeorge Frederick Wood
MotherMartha Lumb
PARENT (F) Anna Elizabeth Dant
BirthMAR 1869Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, England, see March 1869 index for Chesterton 3b, 498, which also covers 'Charles Harry Dant'
Death29 NOV 1896 Cambridge. For death certificate see Dec 1896 - Cambridge - 3b, 293
Marriage11 DEC 1887to Harry Wood at Chesterton, Camridge, Cambridgeshire.
FatherGeorge Dant
MotherAnna Maria Scales
FWinifred Emilie Wood
Birth15 APR 1892Back 102, Winson Green Road, All Saints, Birmingham, England
Death30 MAR 1992Sherborne, Dorset, England
Marriage19 AUG 1920to Maurice Martineau Welcher at Great St Andrew's Church, Cambridge. Wedding cake sent from Abbey Close, Sherborne, Dorset
FMabel Wood
BirthABT 1890England
MWilfred Wood
BirthABT 1891England
[S26630] http://www.john-blenda.co.uk/Blenda/DantTree/gp525.htm#head1
[S11529] Birth Certificate of child obtained from the General Registry Office through the Family Records Centre, London
Descendancy Chart
Harry Wood b: 22 JAN 1869
Anna Elizabeth Dant b: MAR 1869 d: 29 NOV 1896
Winifred Emilie Wood b: 15 APR 1892 d: 30 MAR 1992
Maurice Martineau Welcher b: 13 NOV 1893 d: 14 MAY 1981
Eileen Mary Welcher b: 26 NOV 1922 d: 10 APR 2015
Elizabeth Ethel (Bebet) Welcher b: 29 MAR 1930 d: 1 MAY 2024
Mabel Wood b: ABT 1890
Wilfred Wood b: ABT 1891