John Allan Cleveland Skinner

John Allan Cleveland Skinner

b: 19 SEP 1865
d: 8 SEP 1925
[Soon after the birth of John Allan Cleveland Skinner, addressed to the Skinner sisters. His father, John Edwin Hilary Skinner corresponded for The Daily News with great distinction in the Danish war of 1864; a lasting recollection of this campaign is to be found in 'The Tale of Danish Heroism,' which he published in 1865. But who was the writer? Anna and Florance were already married, the four other girls are addressees. One of them, it seems likely, accompanied John and Louisa to Denmark.]


Oct 8, 1865

Dear C(ary), K(ate), M(aude), & Effie,

Aunts for some time (on strength of Walter John, Alex C Willy and young "Hah" we, the undersigned, beg to offer a new "nevvy" to your consideration. He is active and obliging in his way. We back him respectuously to equal his cousins in any account of noise, which they have ever made, while as to his habit of crying we suggest Martin Tupperishly that "all is not trumps that titters." "Cleve" is a nice sort of fellow when sated with what I will modestly put into Danish as Mo'ers maelk. "Cleve" has besides a correct clench of the fist, thumb inwards, from the which I argue great things of his fistic future should he be spared to enter the ring. Were not the "knowledge box" too big we might vote him an infant wonder of the (?)….., as it is he must never fight, remember this, no not even his cousins!

I find on returning from my trip with "capitalists" - there is some comfort in being with Dives when D. pays for all. I find, I say, that L is better and J looking quite strong.

Love, dear sisters,

Affectionately, "(?)ley"

Letter from Allan Chaplin at Ootacamund, India to his mother, Dec 1994:

"I am very glad to learn of Cleve's promotion and especially glad that it came before his poor father's death -- for it gave him great pleasure. The "deputy commissioner" (or the "Dipty Sahib" or the Burra Sahib as called by the natives) is an important personnage in the "Non-regulation" provinces such as the C.P. In the "Regulation" districts the Revenue and Judicial work is not all under one officer - there are a Collector and a Judge -- and the judge is also a star of magnitude".

1901 Census:

See entry for Francis Newman - John, his wife Augusta nee Newman and their children Hilary and John were at the house of Francis Newman, at 39 Beverley Road, Penge, in the Borough of Camberwell, Dulwich Division.
  • 19 SEP 1865 - Birth - ; Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • 8 SEP 1925 - Death - ; Isle of Man
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Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
14 JUL 1809 - 23 MAY 1885
John Edwin Hilary Skinner
11 JAN 1839 - 20 NOV 1894
Caroline Emily Harding
22 OCT 1812 - 12 JAN 1901
John Allan Cleveland Skinner
19 SEP 1865 - 8 SEP 1925
John Clarke Chaplin
25 AUG 1806 - 2 JUN 1856
Louisa Sarah Chaplin
23 APR 1838 - 9 JUL 1897
Matilda Adriana Ayrton
1 JUN 1813 - 26 JAN 1899
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Edwin Hilary Skinner
Birth11 JAN 1839
Death20 NOV 1894 at Sétif, Algeria, where he was buried
Marriage30 APR 1864to Louisa Sarah Chaplin at Christ Church, Marylebone, London
FatherAllan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
MotherCaroline Emily Harding
PARENT (F) Louisa Sarah Chaplin
Birth23 APR 1838Baptized St Thomas in Birmingham 1838 according to Andi Smith)
Death9 JUL 1897 Allevard-Les-Bains, Isere, France
Marriage30 APR 1864to John Edwin Hilary Skinner at Christ Church, Marylebone, London
FatherJohn Clarke Chaplin
MotherMatilda Adriana Ayrton
MJohn Allan Cleveland Skinner
Birth19 SEP 1865Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Death8 SEP 1925Isle of Man
Marriage27 NOV 1888to Augusta Beatrice Newman
FCaroline Louisa Marianne Skinner
Birth22 FEB 1873
Death20 JUN 1936
Marriage30 JUL 1891to Roandeu Albert Henry Bickford-Smith
MClifton Wyndham Hilary Skinner , R.F.A.
Birth26 MAR 1880
Death17 FEB 1908Newport, Monmouthshire
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Allan Cleveland Skinner
Birth19 SEP 1865Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Death8 SEP 1925 Isle of Man
Marriage27 NOV 1888to Augusta Beatrice Newman
FatherJohn Edwin Hilary Skinner
MotherLouisa Sarah Chaplin
PARENT (F) Augusta Beatrice Newman
Birth1864Cochin, India
Marriage27 NOV 1888to John Allan Cleveland Skinner
FatherFrancis Newman
MotherAugusta Beatrice
MHilary Francis Cleveland Skinner
Birth10 OCT 1889Raipur, India
Death25 JUL 1916First World War (Battle of the Somme)
MJohn Adrian Dudley Skinner
Birth2 SEP 1891Hornsea, Yorkshire, UK
Death30 MAY 1965
Marriage19 SEP 1916to Norah Goodchild
[S33423] The Family of Skinner website at
[S33465] Tessa Kennedy, descendant of JEH Skinner, by email etc 22 March 2006 & after; including info on historical figures compiled by Hilary John Bickford-Smith as shown in her copy of the Skinner 'Great Pedigree'.
[S9164] Effie Ray-Jones by word of mouth or in writing
Descendancy Chart
John Allan Cleveland Skinner b: 19 SEP 1865 d: 8 SEP 1925
Hilary Francis Cleveland Skinner b: 10 OCT 1889 d: 25 JUL 1916
John Adrian Dudley Skinner b: 2 SEP 1891 d: 30 MAY 1965
Bruce Allan Maclean Skinner b: 29 AUG 1927 d: 2002