William Ayrton

William Ayrton

b: 1777
d: 1858
Letter to William Ayrton 17 May 1817 from Charles Lamb in the lapidary style:

My friend, the poet laureate (meaning R Southey)
Who is a great lawyer at
anything comical
Was the first who tried it

The letter concludes:
Hey! Mr Ayrton
With all your rare tone
I am
Charles Lamb

From The Oxford Dictionary of Music, © Oxford University Press 1994:

(in note on his father Edmund Ayrton): William (London, 1777 - London, 1858) was a mus. critic and a founder of the Philharmonic Soc. As dir. of It. opera at King\\'s Th., London, was first to stage Don Giovanni in Britain (1817).

Marriage Contract form (sent by Raymond Airton):
Vicar General\\'s Office, 12th May 1803

"Which day appeared personally William Ayrton and made oath, that he is of the Parish of Saint Margaret Westminster in the County of Middlesex, a Bachelor aged twenty one years and upwards, and intendeth to intermarry with Marianne Arnold of the parish of Kensington in the same county, a spinster also aged twenty one years or upwards, and that he knoweth of no lawful Impediment, by Reason of any Pre-Contract, Consanguinity, Affinity, or any other lawful Cause whatsoever, to hinder the said intended Marriage, and prayed a Licence to solemnize the same in the Parish Church of Kensington aforesaid,

and further made Oath, that the usual Place of Abode of the said Marianne Arnold hath been in the said Parish of Kensington aforesaid for upwards of four Weeks last part.

(signed) William Ayrton

Sworn before me; ........................."

(Raymond adds: Possibly related to Samuel Arnold (composer), or Thomas Arnold, the famous headmaster of Rugby.)

"The 1837.com website has just made available 1841 census transcriptions for the entire country. By entering AYRTON in the person search, it is not only possible to obtain the transcription but it is also possible to inspect the original document.
These show that a WILLIAM AYRTON born c1781 -musician and his wife Ellen c1791 school mistress were living within the cathedral precints of Chester. However I think that the term musician was not appropiate, as he was running a school with about 20
pupils, and I think that this may have been the Cathedral Choral College, but the census does not show this.It was a likely occupation considering the families ecclesiastical connections.The ref. is HO 107-Piece 130-Folio 3-Page 24
Also living within Chester Cathedral precinct was an ALFRED AYRTON born c1816 occupation -\\' Proctor\\', possibly son of above and brother to WSA; ref 107-129-2/4-2"

From The Athenaeum, 18 July 1903, p81
The works of Charles and Mary Lamb, edited by E V Lucas in 9 vols: Vol I

"And the little dissertation on \\\'London Fogs\\\' found by Mr Lucas in a MS volume lent to him by Mr Edward Ayrton, and now, apparently, printed for the first time. The volume which is bound unifomly with a copy of the works of 1818, and lettered \\\'The Works of Charles Lamb, vol: iii\\\' was made by the grandfather of the present owner, William Ayrton, the well known musical critic and impressario, and Lamb on seeing it, observed that it was the highest compliment he had ever received as an author."
  • 1777 - Birth - ; London
  • 1858 - Death - ; London
  • 1817 - Event - As director of Italian opera, was first to stage Don Giovanni in Britain.; King\'s Theatre, London
  • 12 MAY 1803 - Marriage - to Marianne Arnold; Kensington Church
Edward Ayrton
1698 - 25 JUL 1774
Edmund Ayrton
19 NOV 1734 - 22 MAY 1808
William Ayrton
1777 - 1858
Ann Clay
28 DEC 1739 - 16 MAY 1800
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Edmund Ayrton
Birth19 NOV 1734
Death22 MAY 1808
Marriageto Ann Clay
Marriageto ?
FatherEdward Ayrton
MotherCatherine Clough
PARENT (F) Ann Clay
Birth28 DEC 1739
Death16 MAY 1800
Marriageto Edmund Ayrton
FElizabeth Clay Ayrton
Birth9 JUL 1763
Death7 JAN 1847Abbot\\'s Grange near Chester
MEdmund Edward Ayrton
Birth29 Jan 1765
Death6 Feb 1811
FAnn Ayrton
Birth13 NOV 1766
Death25 JUN 1855
FCatherine Ayrton
Birth14 SEP 1769
Death26 SEP 1769
MWilliam Ayrton
Birth3 NOV 1770
DeathJUN 1771
FCatherine Ayrton
Birth9 JUL 1772
Death16 OCT 1772
FSarah Ayrton
Birth31 JUL 1773
Death5 JAN 1778
FCatherine Ayrton
Birth19 OCT 1774
MWilliam Ayrton
Birth31 JAN 1776
DeathJUL 1777
MBenjamin Ayrton
MJames Nares Ayrton
Birth1 OCT 1779
DeathOCT 1780
MPeter Thomas Ayrton
Birth1 OCT 1779
DeathJAN 1780
MScrope Ayrton
Birth22 AUG 1782
MWilliam Ayrton
Marriage12 MAY 1803to Marianne Arnold
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Ayrton
Death1858 London
Marriage12 MAY 1803to Marianne Arnold
FatherEdmund Ayrton
MotherAnn Clay
PARENT (F) Marianne Arnold
Birth30 MAY 1772
Death25 JAN 1836
Marriage12 MAY 1803to William Ayrton
FCaroline Clay Ayrton
Birth8 MAY 1805
Death3 APR 1810
FCharlotte Ayrton
Birth26 SEP 1806
Death8 MAR 1807
FFrances Clay Ayrton
Birth10 NOV 1807
Death6 FEB 1895Saltburn
MHenry Napier Ayrton
Birth11 JUN 1809
Death20 MAY 1811
FMatilda Napier Ayrton
Birth11 NOV 1814
Death23 SEP 1848
MWilliam Scrope Ayrton
Death1885Cliffden, Saltburn-by-the-Sea
Marriage20 MAR 1847to Margaret Alsager at Christ Church, Marylebone, London
Descendancy Chart
William Ayrton b: 1777 d: 1858
Marianne Arnold b: 30 MAY 1772 d: 25 JAN 1836
Caroline Clay Ayrton b: 8 MAY 1805 d: 3 APR 1810
Charlotte Ayrton b: 26 SEP 1806 d: 8 MAR 1807
Frances Clay Ayrton b: 10 NOV 1807 d: 6 FEB 1895
Henry Napier Ayrton b: 11 JUN 1809 d: 20 MAY 1811
Matilda Napier Ayrton b: 11 NOV 1814 d: 23 SEP 1848
William Scrope Ayrton b: 1805 d: 1885
Margaret Alsager b: 12 SEP 1824
Elizabeth Clay Ayrton b: 25 JAN 1848 d: 4 DEC 1884
George William Brown b: 27 OCT 1844 d: 18 JUN 1927
Margaret Ayrton Brown b: 3 AUG 1873
Catherine Eliza Brown b: 20 APR 1876
William Alsager Brown b: 19 OCT 1877 d: 22 AUG 1907
Harrold Brown b: 4 JAN 1879 d: 23 MAR 1918
Helen Brown b: 7 MAY 1880
Jane Frances Brown b: 29 AUG 1881 d: 25 JAN 1882
William Scrope Ayrton b: 19 FEB 1849 d: 1902
Ellen Louisa Mcclatchie b: 1855 d: 29 NOV 1897
Florence Margaret Ayrton b: 19 OCT 1881
Edward Russell Ayrton b: 17 DEC 1882
Phyllis Alsager Ayrton b: 26 FEB 1884
Winifred Parkes Ayrton b: 7 JUL 1885
Frank Alsager Ayrton b: 23 SEP 1887
Girl Ayrton b: 29 NOV 1897 d: 30 NOV 1897
Edward Ayrton b: 12 JUL 1850 d: 27 DEC 1926
Kate Hayman Bourne b: 1861 d: OCT - DEC 1962
Margaret Arnold Ayrton b: 8 MAY 1889 d: Q2 1904
Robert Scrope Ayrton b: 18 MAY 1890 d: Q3 1947
Bernard Alsager Ayrton b: 21 FEB 1893 d: Q1 1950
Charles Ayrton b: 12 JUL 1850 d: 15 JUL 1850
Herbert Alsager Ayrton b: 15 JUL 1852
Pelham Ayrton b: 2 AUG 1854
Frances Louisa Evans b: 23 MAY 1867 d: 24 JUN 1953
Harry Napier Ayrton b: 28 May 1888
Alfred William Ayrton b: 24 DEC 1889 d: 27 APR 1978
Raymond Alsager Ayrton b: 15 FEB 1893 d: 24 MAY 1989
Eric Guyong Ayrton b: 23 AUG 1897 d: 23 JAN 1981
Dorothy Margaret Ayrton b: 1900 d: 1937
Margery Graham Ayrton b: 1903 d: 6 FEB 2003
Mary Arnold Ayrton b: 25 DEC 1856 d: Q4 1911
William Charles Trevor b: 15 JUL 1843 d: Q1 1919
Rose Trevor b: 26 JUL 1876
Charles Tudor Trevor b: 4 JAN 1878 d: Q1 1938
Maude Trevor b: 12 JAN 1883 d: Q2 1960
Arnold William Trevor b: 3 JUN 1886 d: Q2 1945
Cecil Burney Ayrton b: 8 JUL 1858 d: APR 1898
Harold Napier Ayrton b: 13 SEP 1860
Margaret Ayrton b: 1864 d: 1951
Noel Elliot Hawdon b: 16 DEC 1885 d: 1918
Brian Ayrton Hawdon b: 31 JAN 1888 d: 7 JUN 1889
Hugh William Hawdon b: 1890 d: 1971
Rupert Ayrton Hawdon b: 2 JUL 1894
Cecil Hawdon b: 24 OCT 1894 d: 1916
Margaret Alsager Hawdon b: 1902 d: 1998
Francis D'Alton d: 1955
Lavender Margaret Bickerton b: 1928 d: 2021
Bo Sundberg b: 1927 d: 2018
Brereton Dwarris Ayrton b: 16 FEB 1867 d: 17 JAN 1898
Kate Johnson b: 8 jun 1867 d: 28 sep 1959
William Ayrton b: 15 jul 1895 d: 1983
Thomas Ayrton b: 27 aug 1896 d: 16 sep 1896