Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner

Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner

b: 2 NOV 1880
d: 1961
From Alison Wright, New Zealand, February 2005:

Dorney was educated at Kings School, Canterbury. He said his family was the Ledbury branch of the Skinners. He had no children. His nephew was Lt. Col. Allan BOGGIS, (d. 1973) whose eldest son possibly still lives in the family home, a manor house in Rowde, Wilts.

The links that Dorney had to our family were not established then, but he thought, and we think, that there is a connection; this theory based on the strong family resemblance of the portraits Dorney had, to our father, Howard SKINNER (b. 1902 East Preston, Sussex, d. 1990 ) Also we see interesting likeness of our father to Allan Maclean SKINNER (1809 - 1885) pictured in document you sent.

Dorney had the same knowledge of family traditions that we knew and he also had a copy of the portrait of our forebear, Gen. William Campbell SKINNER R.E. (1700 - 1780) Chief Engineer of Britain who was of the Engineers branch of the Skinners. [?!!]

Ina, Dorney's widow, later wrote that Dorney's branch was not dying out. She said Dorney's uncle, Dr. Adrian SKINNER had a son, Bruce who was quite young in 1969.

Ina also said that a copy of the book 'A Short Account of the Families Chaplin and Skinner and Connected Families' was to be sent to Graeme SKINNER, Melbourne, Shirley Park, Surrey branch.
At the time, the reference to this did not mean much to us, but now we are very interested as we see it mentioned in your information.

Dorney's Obituary was in the Eastbourne Herald Chronicle, 22.4.61
  • 2 NOV 1880 - Birth -
  • 1961 - Death - ; Eastbourne
  • ABT 1955 - Fact -
  • Nobility Title - Lieut. Commander
Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
14 JUL 1809 - 23 MAY 1885
Allan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G.
20 MAR 1846 - 14 JUN 1901
Caroline Emily Harding
22 OCT 1812 - 12 JAN 1901
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Allan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G.
Birth20 MAR 1846Brighton
Death14 JUN 1901 Canterbury
Marriage23 SEP 1875to Ellen Shelford at St. Saviour's, Clapham
FatherAllan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
MotherCaroline Emily Harding
PARENT (F) Ellen Shelford
Marriage23 SEP 1875to Allan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G. at St. Saviour's, Clapham
FatherWilliam Heard Shelford , Rev
MJohn Harding Skinner
Birth16 SEP 1876
FCaroline Emily Skinner
Birth8 SEP 1877
Marriage3 JUN 1907to Robert James Edmund Boggis , Rev at St Paul's Church, Canterbury
MClifton Maclean Skinner
Birth19 FEB 1879
Death20 NOV 1918
MAllan Leonard Dorney Skinner
Birth2 NOV 1880
Marriageto Ina
FEllen Florance Skinner
Birth13 JUL 1884
Marriage22 APR 1914to William Gilbert Cobbett , Rev
MWilliam Shelford Skinner
Birth19 DEC 1886
Marriageto ?
FMildred Skinner
Birth10 SEP 1890
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner
Birth2 NOV 1880
Death1961 Eastbourne
Marriageto Ina
FatherAllan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G.
MotherEllen Shelford
Marriageto Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner
[S9164] Effie Ray-Jones by word of mouth or in writing
[S35877] Alison Wright, New Zealand - a Skinner descendant, by email (Word file), February 2005
[S11076] Philip Ray-Jones's email to ARJ dated 17 May 2000 and information given at other times
Descendancy Chart
Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner b: 2 NOV 1880 d: 1961