Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.

Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.

b: 14 JUL 1809
d: 23 MAY 1885
Allan wrote two substantial books about his family, both of which are in the British Library. For most of the text of each see in this file 'Skinner, Robert DD' (Bishop of Bristol, then Oxford, then Worcester in the 17th Century), and Allan's father, Lieutenant General John Major Skinner. Inside the front cover of the book about his father and brothers, which had an introduction addressed to his mother Ann Maclean, she wrote: "'I can write no more, my eyes refuse to see more, God bless you all, ever your obliged and affectionate friend, Ann Skinner. January 1st 1864 - aged ninety." (information from Ed Purvis, the Collections Review Officer,
National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 4HT - by email 26.01.12 - who had in his possession the copy belonging to Bruce Allan Maclean Skinner, died 2002, of North Surrey).

1841 Census:
Source: HO107/674/5 Regn District Edmonton - Hampstead - Folio 17, page 27.
North End, Hampstead (Parish of St John), Middlesex - Hundred of Ossulstone (Holborn Division)

Allan Skinner 30 Barrister Born in same county
Caroline Skinner 25 Not born in same county
John Skinner 2 Born in same county
Anna Skinner 4 months Born in same county
William Sims 25 Clerk Born in same county
Elizabeth Bruson 50
William Bruson 15 MS (man servant)
Jane Roberts 35 FS (female servant)
Charlotte Sale 13 FS (female servant)
Mary South 20 FS (female servant)
Margaret Walter 20 FS (female servant)

1851 Census:

Source: HO107/1961 Regn district: Gloucester - Kingsholm Folio 397 - Page 11 Parish of Gloucester Holy Trinity.
Westgate Street

Allan M Skinner 40 Lodger Barrister at Law
and others

1861 Census:
Source: RG9/1908 Regn district: Stafford - Castle Church Folio 20 Page 1
Brocton Villa, Brocton, Staffordshire

Allan Maclean Skinner Head Mar 51 Judge of the Staffordshire County Court Born Middlesex, Chelsea
Caroline E Skinner Wife Mar 48 A Queen Counsel's Wife Born Monmouthshre, Rockfield
John E H Skinner Son Unm 22 Student of Lincoln's Inn Born Middlesex, Hannah Sq (Hanover Sq?)
Anna C Skinner Daughter Unm 20 Spinster Born Middlesex, Hendon
Florence M Skinner Daughter Unm 18 Spinster Born Sussex, Brighton
Katherine L Skinner Daughter Unm 17 Spinster Born Sussex, Hurst
Maud E Skinner Daughter Unm 16 Scholar Born Sussex, Brighton
Euphemia S Skinner Daughter Unm 13 Scholar Born Sussex, Brighton
Matilda A Chaplin Visitor Widow 47 Fundholder and Share Holder Born Middlesex, Chelsea
Clifton N Curtis Visitor Unm 27 Living on an allowance Born Sussex, Brighton
Isabella Gregory Servant Unm 22 Lady's Maid Born Somerset, Weston in Gordano
Mary A Gregory Servant Unm 24 Parlour Maid Born Somerset, Weston in Gordano
Judith Connell Servant Unm 33 Cook Born Isle of Man, Ballaugh
Emma Hawkins Servant Unm 26 House Maid Born Staffordshire, Castle Church
Thomas Bradley Servant Unm 26 Groom Born Staffordshire, Warslow
Marie N Pollert Governess Unm 22 Governess Born Russia, Riga (not British Subject)

1871 Census:

RG10/129 St Margaret Westminster, St George Hanover Square Folio 19 Page 27
Ashley Place, Westminster, London

Marianne Skinner Head Unm 69 Born Ireland, Banden??
Allan M Skinner Brother Marr 62 Judge of County Court Born Chelsea
Clifton N Curtis Visitor Unm 37 High Bailiff of County Court (Wolverhampton) Born Sussex, Brighton
Sarah M Murtrie Serv Widow 57 Domestic servant Born London, Marylebone

1881 Census:

Walland Carey House in Woolfardisworthy Parish, Hartland, Bideford (In St Ann's Buck? Mills Ecclesiastical District)
film 1341452 ref 1873-19-32.
Allan Maclean Skinner Mar 71 QC, JP, Recorder of Windsor, Ret'd Judge of County Courts born Chelsea
Caroline E Skinner, Wife Mar 63 [!] born Rockfield, Monmouth
Caroline R Skinner, Dau Unm 39 born Hendon, M'sex
Clifton Newman Curtis Visitor Unm 47 High Bailiff of Wolverhampton County Court born Brighton, Sussex
Jane Glover, Servant Unm 27 Cook born Hartland, Devon
Mary Rook, Servant Unm 18 Maidservant (Domestic) born Georgham, Devon
Eliza Thomas, Servant Unm 15 Maidservant (Domestic) born Branston, Devon

On the Harding and Wyndham family tree (for his wife's family) is written:

Allan Maclean Skinner, son of Lieutenant General John Skinner, through the Tracys and Clintons descended from Goda sister of Edward the Confessor....

From Walfords County Families 1865:

.... This family was at the Conquest settled at Bolingbroke, in Lincolnshire. A younger branch, in 1440, went into Herefordshire, of which branch Mr Skinner, by the death of three brothers in the Army, now represents the family, formerly of The Knapp, Pixley, near Ledbury.

From 'The Chaplin and Skinner Families' December 1902 page 64:

See Facts for the basic facts of the life of Allan Maclean Skinner Q.C., the son of Lieutenant-General John Skinner, Governor of Guadeloupe. He devoted a great deal of time and research to placing on record the past history of his own and his wife's families. This work is embodied in the 'Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General John Skinner and his Sons' published in 1863, and 'A few Memorials of the Rt. Rev. Robert Skinner, D.D., Bishop of Worcester, 1663' published in 1866. His genealogical researches are chiefly contained in the emblazoned 'Great Pedigree' which is now [1899] in the posession of John Allan Cleveland Skinner.* An epitome of this (Pedigree E) is given in this account, in the Notes on Allan Maclean Skinner's father and mother, and from Pedigree G in the Notes on his wife.

He went to Eton and subsequently to Balliol College Oxford whence he graduated in 1832. He was called to the Bar and joined the Oxford Circuit, holding with distinction the position of leader of the Oxford Circuit for some years prior to his retirement from active practice. Many of those who may read these notes (wrote Holroyd Chaplin in 1899) will have known Mr. Skinner personally, and will remember the charm of his manners and conversation.

During the thirteen years he held the position of County Court Judge, he discharged the duties of his office with great ability, and by his impartiality and genial disposition gained both the confidence and esteem of the legal profession, and the respect of all classes who appeared before him. An obituary notice published in the press concluded: "His death will create a gap in many a circle where the old Recorder's genial presence was heartily appreciated. Those who are old enough to remember Mr. Skinner's brilliant speeches, as one [to be completed from page 65].

It should be noted that there were three marriages between his family and the family of John Clarke Chaplin:
John Edwin Hilary Skinner married Louisa Sarah Chaplin on 30 April 1864
Holroyd Chaplin married Euphemia Isabella Skinner on 20 December 1871
Allan Chaplin married Maud Elizabeth Skinner on 20 December 1871
Thus the children of these marriages have the same four grandparents and eight grandparents.


* NOTE: I have been told that The Great Pedigree, which I think I saw as a child, complete with heraldic shields, was gifted by Edmund Boggis, Canon of Exeter Cathedral to the Victoria and Albert Museum, but no record of it could be found by the V&A staff when I asked c.2004, and I have not made contact with the Boggis family. Alan Ray-Jones

From Calendar of wills, FRC:

SKINNER, Allan Maclean. Personal estate £3,737 12s 5d. 22 July. The will of Allan Maclean Skinner late of Abbotsham Court Bideford in the county of Devon who died 23 May 1855 at Reading in the county of Berkshire was proved at the Principal Registry by Caroline Emily Skinner of Abbotsham Court* widow the Relict the sole Executrix.

*Bideford, Devon [Letters from ‘aff father, Allan’(Allan Maclean Skinner QC, - two mention another Allan, his son. One letter is dated 1869 and is from County Registrar’s Office, Walsall, which was the place of work of Allan Maclean Skinner and Clifton Newman Curtis (see also 4New – Poetry, about). So I think they were written by Allan Maclean Skinner QC - his daughter Effie’s birthday Euphemia Isabella, my great grandmother) was on 7 June, so I think that’s proof enough. Babaley is mentioned in three and is not Florry nor Effie nor Maud nor Carry. So she might by process of elimination be either Anna or Kate, or someone not a member of the family (unlikely). In 1869 Anna was already married and away, whereas Babaley was at home, so I think Babaley=Katherine (they sound a little similar). I think Pip is Effie. Alan Ray-Jones]

Kents Bank Thursday August 20th

Dear Pip

I drove to Cartmel today, Young now proposes the land for one mile and a half from here on the Cartmel road & very much also some 15 houses of (?) – nine beautiful houses are built here at Kent’s Bank and his own Abbotshall when finished next month will contain 2 new sitting rooms and have 5 sitting rooms and 16 bedrooms – he has also both the hotels at Silverdale where he and I dine tomorrow. He gave £2000 for a farm there, the full price as asked by the owner who had only given £1000 for it and Young has already sold one half of it for £5000, not a bad (?) – he hopes to purchase Richard’s lieutenancy shortly.

I enjoy this much, I go on Saturday to Skipton, shall see Bolton Abbey, spend Sunday at Leeds and Monday, if you wrote on Sunday, I should get it at Post Office, Leeds, on Monday. I hope to hear – I hear from Florry that she did not go to Chichester – perhaps I can join you all in the trip but if Cliffy goes he can take Carry and you as well as Florry and Walter – as my guests for Railway fare and lunches (?) – I send you letter to the Times for dear Mr Boy.

Love to all dear P(?),

Your affectionate father,


Darling Pip, June 6

Allan has just told me tomorrow is your birthday, I was not aware of it and have got ready no presents but remind me about it when I see you. I have only just time to write my day’s news and (?) post.

No letter in the Daily News today, but I see the King of Greece is on his way home again. Tell Babaley I have just heard from the Lord Chancellor that he approves my wish about Watson, and he has done what I think will be enough, and all that he believes he can do. I look out with interest to Watson's next letter to see if he thinks all has been down that can be. I have no doubt what has been done will be sufficient -- Florry [his daughter Florance?] will be pleased to hear it.

Tell (?) I took Allan to the Fearons, our Killarney friends. He and I lunched there. John Fearon told him he would always be happy to see him at luncheon at 1.15 and to leave his card with his address that he might ask him to dinner. Fearon is of the leading solicitors' firm at 21 Great George Street Westminster -- Fearon Clabon and Fearon. I then took him to the Attorney General Sir John Rolt. Miss Rolt said to him as we came away -- I am sorry our dinner party tomorrow is full otherwise we should be happy to ask you, but we hope you will be able to come in the evening that we may improve our acquaintance, so (?) goes and he will become known to the Attorney General, who as you may conceive can never be at home in the morning.

Miss Brown, tell Mama, is on a visit to the Rolts, and inquired about dear Babaley, remembering her well when we were at Bencombe years ago and used to dine with her father the late Colonel Brown -- she is like her mother and the Bakers. I suppose Cliffy is with you with all the news about Wooton Hall -- I am glad Aunt C liked Pally’s letter. Allan's wig has just come home -- Ally looks well in his wig and gown, he had them both on this morning, for the first time together.

I send stamps for Cliffy, tell dear Babaley I quite agreed with her spirited letter this morning about Crete -- the (?) omitted to put into my letter the bit of Spectator as to Mr Boy.

I have sent to Aunt Catherine Long’s nice little letter of news as it gives a neat and simple account and has nothing in it that is intended for my private notice.

Love to all the Pundles(?)

Your affectionate father, Allan
PS (at the start): I do not know who the Dawsons are – as to the Sheddons – Mrs Pringle Taylor was a Miss Sheddon I think her mother’s brother was (?) to Mr Lewis, a Great West India proprietor and sympathizer with Negroes.

County Registrar’s Office, Walsall

June 12, 1869

Dear Pip,

I have not yet received the second half of Pally’s letter -- I send back to you yesterday the first half -- I have not yet heard of Babaley’s arrival at her journeys end -- I expect to see Cliffy tonight -- Walter left me yesterday for Cropthorne where he expected to find Pud(?) as well as (?). Florry is still with Aunty.

In Pally’s letter there were some words very faint and requiring a little painting, but the very same Pip who thought it a good plan for preserving them, did not do it. I send to you Johnny’s account of the Thames Yacht Club race to read, and to preserve by pasting in your collection of his things. I do trust that (Nanpan?) is materially better. Give my love to her (?) etc.

Your affectionate father Allan


Dear Pip,

Maud tells me the Charles Stewards hold for 4 years Standon Rectory as the young man who married Joseph Salt’s daughter is dead & they go there in the Spring. Sophy Chetwynd has married a clerk of Mr Tyrer’s – the Major sent her to Church in his carriage alone and then the carriage returned to Brocton Hall.

Dear Mr Boy has just lunched with me, he is in great spirits as it is over. Tell Babaley cousin John at Windsor was 76 last month, this first family are mordaunt, (Allister Harold now dead) & Albert – not Norman. I hope Babaley got this morning my letter, saying he was well & the examination was over. He was pleased as well as surprised to see me. I sent off a letter to Pally & Mr Boy signed his name at the bottom, - as Johnny does not come at once, I have read Allan’s letter to him, & send Pally’s letter for you to show to Florry & Maud when they come.

Your aff father,


I will write to Mr Egginton

[The letter below seems to have been written by ‘Clif’ who might be Clifton Newman Curtis, adopted (?) son of Allan Maclean Skinner QC, the only Clifton in the FTM file who was around in 1866. A copy is in his file. He would have been 32 in 1866 and was High Bailiff of Wolverhampton County Court. He mentions his brothers and his sister and mother, but I have no information on his family nor on how he became part of Allan Maclean Skinner’s family. ‘Pip’ must be female or a lot younger if (s)he sent a nosegay?]

Nottingham, dated January 1866

Dear Pip,

The beautiful little nosegay combined with the refreshing wishes that accompany it seemed to carry one on into the cheerful summer days, which I hope we may all be allowed to enjoy -- very many thanks to you and every good wish.

With regard to the fact that I am about to communicate to you -- I wish to make no comment, but leaving you to form your own opinions on it I will merely while the circumstances are fresh, state them to you as they have just occurred. But I must point out that the first part of the circumstances arose before we had read, or knew of the story "to be taken with a little salt." I must also say, that though I believe you would not consider me a fanciful or nervous person, yet I think you would still more certainly think so of my elder brother.

It was on the Sunday evening first after my brothers and my own arrival here. The bells for evening service had just stopped -- the rector had walked up the aisle past where we sat in our usual seat, the large oak door of the church was closed -- and the organ began to pour forth what I thought a beautiful though somewhat mournful voluntary. A little before the music ceased my eyes happened to be attracted or to rest upon the armour hanging on the wall of the chancel. You may remember the drawing or sketch of it in my pocket sketch-book. If you remember it you will be aware that that the vizor of the helmet is closed. At the moment I referred to I perceived that the visor was raised, displaying beneath the features of a man -- very plainly discernible with the exception of the eyes which were slightly in shade and seemed turned towards the monumental effigies on the other side of the chancel. The colour of the face though pale appeared to be swarthy -- the hair -- whiskers and moustache - black -- the features large and seemed to be those of a man of about 40 years of age.

My sister who sat next to me asked me at what I was looking -- but on looking herself at the helmet did not perceive what I saw. She however mentioned it to my brother on the other side and he looked up in the direction indicated with a sort of incredulous smile. This smile I saw changed into look of puzzled enquiry as he gazed, but at that moment the service began, the congregation rose, and of course nothing further was said.

Last evening I stayed with my mother whilst the others went church. My brother was the first to enter the room where my mother and I were, and I fancied there was an unusual expression on his face, though I could not exactly make out of what description it was. Flinging himself into a chair before the hearth, he looked into the fire and said after a short silence "Clif, I saw that face as plainly as possible tonight."

[This last page is stuck to another piece of paper on which is written]

Our next penny reading is postponed on account of the death of one of the committee -- a church warden to whose house were taken the bones and coffin that were disturbed the other day by those who are repairing the foundations of the church. Those bones are as yet unburied, and whose remains they may be is unknown. It cannot even be said whether or not they are those of some old connection of the family represented by the effigies in the chancel. The effigies, by the way, toward which I told you the eyes of that face seemed turned. With regard to the face, whenever a certain state of subdued light has pervaded the chancel I have been able plainly to discern it -- since the occasion I mentioned.

[No end, no signature]

A PS written at the top of the letter reads: How I wish that poor Parkes could get the living. What a pity it will be if he does not that they must hurry out of their ? fitted house.

  • 14 JUL 1809 - Birth - ; 9 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London, christened there 22 August 1809 (Parish of St Luke)
  • 23 MAY 1885 - Death - ; Reading, Berkshire
  • 15 APR 1823 - Fact -
  • 24 MAY 1832 - Fact -
  • 5 JUN 1834 - Fact -
  • 5 AUG 1837 - Fact -
  • 1842 - Fact -
  • 1842 - Fact -
  • 1844 - Fact -
  • 26 JUN 1852 - Fact -
  • 10 JUL 1856 - Fact -
  • 22 JUN 1857 - Fact -
  • 5 AUG 1859 - Fact -
  • OCT 1859 - Fact -
  • ABT 1863 - Fact -
  • 1863 - Publications - ; Author of 'Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and his Sons.'
  • 1866 - Publications - ; Author of 'A Few Memorials of the Right Reverend Robert Skinner D.D., Bishop of Worcester, 1663,' printed for preservati
  • 1868 - Fact -
  • 1872 - Fact 15 -
  • SEP 1872 - Fact 14 -
  • 1882 - Fact 16 -
  • Occupation - Barrister, Judge, Recorder of Windsor
Thomas Skinner
1716 - 30 MAR 1775
John Major Skinner , Lieut General
16 FEB 1752 - 10 OCT 1827
Ann Moore
1724 - 7 MAR 1784
Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
14 JUL 1809 - 23 MAY 1885
Ann Maclean
12 DEC 1773 - 16 JAN 1864
Florance Maclean
ABT 1744 - 17 JUL 1815
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Major Skinner , Lieut General
Birth16 FEB 1752(Date of baptism at Bishopsgate Church). His father was curate there, as well as evening lecturer there and at the chur
Death10 OCT 1827 Richmond, Surrey. His brother-in-law Donald Maclean of 37 Brunswick Sq London was joint executor with Ann, to whom he l
Marriage18 DEC 1797to Ann Maclean at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland by the Rev Dr Mudie (additional source: IGI)
FatherThomas Skinner
MotherAnn Moore
PARENT (F) Ann Maclean
Birth12 DEC 1773Ardgour House (Cooil House), Kilmallie, Argyleshire, Scotland (IGI gives date as 1 December)
Death16 JAN 1864 8 Stratton Street, Picadilly, London, of bronchitis
Marriage18 DEC 1797to John Major Skinner , Lieut General at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland by the Rev Dr Mudie (additional source: IGI)
FatherJohn Maclean
MotherFlorance Maclean
FAnne Skinner
Birth14 NOV 1798Edinburgh
Death27 MAR 1855Bath
Marriage20 SEP 1832to Henry Vere Huntley , RN at Bolney Church, Sussex
MThomas Skinner , CB
Birth22 FEB 1800Edinburgh
Death5 MAY 1843Mussoorie, in Himalayas, of dysentry
Marriageto Sophia Raikes
MJohn Skinner
Birth23 AUG 1802
Death28 NOV 1821Jamaica, of yellow fever
MJames Skinner
Birth27 SEP 1803Kinsale, Ireland
Death12 JAN 1842Afghanistan
MAllan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
Birth14 JUL 18099 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London, christened there 22 August 1809 (Parish of St Luke)
Death23 MAY 1885Reading, Berkshire
Marriage20 DEC 1837to Caroline Emily Harding at Nolton Chapel, Bridgend, Glamorganshire
FMarianne Skinner
Birth1 AUG 1801
Death20 DEC 18855 Ashley Place, buried in Brompton Cemetary
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
Birth14 JUL 18099 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London, christened there 22 August 1809 (Parish of St Luke)
Death23 MAY 1885 Reading, Berkshire
Marriage20 DEC 1837to Caroline Emily Harding at Nolton Chapel, Bridgend, Glamorganshire
FatherJohn Major Skinner , Lieut General
MotherAnn Maclean
PARENT (F) Caroline Emily Harding
Birth22 OCT 1812Rockfield, Monmouthshire, christened at Dunraven Castle December 1814
Death12 JAN 1901 Abbotsham, Devonshire.
Marriage20 DEC 1837to Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C. at Nolton Chapel, Bridgend, Glamorganshire
FatherJohn Harding , MA, Rev
MotherAnna Maria Willoughby
FEuphemia Isabella Skinner
Birth7 JUN 1847Brighton, Sussex, England (1881 Census)
Death10 SEP 1939Sunnyside, Ralph's Ride, Bracknell, Berkshire
Marriage16 AUG 1870to Holroyd Chaplin at Bickington or Newton Abbott? in South Devon, see Matilda Adriana Chaplin's diary for Tuesday 16 August 1870.
MJohn Edwin Hilary Skinner
Birth11 JAN 1839
Death20 NOV 1894at Sétif, Algeria, where he was buried
Marriage30 APR 1864to Louisa Sarah Chaplin at Christ Church, Marylebone, London
FCaroline Rachel Skinner
Birth14 JUL 1840
FAnna Cordelia Skinner
Birth14 JUL 1840
Marriage13 AUG 1863to Parkes Willy , Rev
FFlorance Marion Skinner
Birth13 AUG 1842
Death12 APR 1918Florence
Marriage4 JUN 1863to Walter Holden Steward at Tixall, Staffordshire. The marriage certificate giving details can be obtained through the index in book 1a page 134 of
FKatherine Louisa Skinner
Birth17 OCT 1843
Marriage16 NOV 1876to Ashley George Westby
FMaud Elizabeth Skinner
Birth25 OCT 1844Brighton, Sussex
Death24 JUN 1904
Marriage20 DEC 1871to Allan Chaplin , Col at Bridgend, Glamorgan
MAllan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G.
Birth20 MAR 1846Brighton
Death14 JUN 1901Canterbury
Marriage23 SEP 1875to Ellen Shelford at St. Saviour's, Clapham
MClifton Newman Curtis
Picture Gallery
[S5592] Pedigree of Hardings, handwritten (source unknown)
[S16298] Calendar of wills 1858-1943
[S6627] 'A Few Memorials of the Right Rev. Robert Skinner, D.D., Bishop of Worcester, 1663.....'
[S28113] 'Records of the Society of Lincoln's Inn Vol 3 1660-1775'
[S24687] Matilda Adriana Chaplin's letters
[S16279] 'Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and his sons'
[S22604] Allan Maclean Skinner (Jnr)'s letter to his sister Effie dated 26 Sept 1865
Descendancy Chart
Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C. b: 14 JUL 1809 d: 23 MAY 1885
Caroline Emily Harding b: 22 OCT 1812 d: 12 JAN 1901
Euphemia Isabella Skinner b: 7 JUN 1847 d: 10 SEP 1939
Holroyd Chaplin b: 17 MAR 1840 d: 23 DEC 1917
Irene Kate Chaplin b: 1 MAR 1873 d: 22 JUN 1962
John William Ernest Pearce b: 4 APR 1864 d: 25 JAN 1951
Edward Holroyd Pearce , Lord b: 9 FEB 1901 d: 27 NOV 1990
Erica Priestman b: 1906 d: DEC 1985
Richard Bruce Holroyd Pearce b: 12 MAY 1930 d: 1987
James Edward Holroyd Pearce b: 18 MAR 1934 d: 11 JUN 1985
Phyllis Margaret Pearce b: 8 FEB 1910 d: 6 JUN 1973
Edward Douglas Eade b: 7 FEB 1911 d: 24 DEC 1984
John Allan Chaplin Pearce b: 21 OCT 1912 d: 15 SEP 2006
Helen Nugent Pearce b: 22 NOV 1917 d: 6 APR 1920
Effie Irene Pearce b: 18 AUG 1899 d: 26 JAN 1996
Raymond Ray-Jones b: 31 AUG 1886 d: 26 FEB 1942
Holroyd Anthony Ray-Jones b: 7 JUN 1941 d: 13 MAR 1972
Allan Nugent Chaplin b: 8 JUN 1871 d: 1917
Son Chaplin b: 29 NOV 1900 d: ABT 29 NOV 1900
Matilda Effie Chaplin b: 20 JUN 1874 d: 20 DEC 1874
Phyllis Chaplin b: 7 JUN 1879 d: 27 JUL 1924
Philip Herbert Cowell b: 1870 d: 1949
Theodoric Chaplin b: 14 FEB 1881 d: 29 OCT 1906
Daphne Grace Chaplin b: 6 SEP 1884 d: 16 FEB 1964
Daphne Grace Chaplin b: 6 SEP 1884 d: 16 FEB 1964
Cecil Arbuthnot Gould b: 1883 d: 1917
John Edwin Hilary Skinner b: 11 JAN 1839 d: 20 NOV 1894
Louisa Sarah Chaplin b: 23 APR 1838 d: 9 JUL 1897
John Allan Cleveland Skinner b: 19 SEP 1865 d: 8 SEP 1925
Hilary Francis Cleveland Skinner b: 10 OCT 1889 d: 25 JUL 1916
John Adrian Dudley Skinner b: 2 SEP 1891 d: 30 MAY 1965
Bruce Allan Maclean Skinner b: 29 AUG 1927 d: 2002
Caroline Louisa Marianne Skinner b: 22 FEB 1873 d: 20 JUN 1936
Roandeu Albert Henry Bickford-Smith b: 3 MAY 1859 d: 13 DEC 1916
William Nugent Venning Bickford-Smith b: 14 MAY 1892 d: 3 SEP 1975
Amy Evelyn Holme b: 6 SEP 1906 d: 21 JUL 1979
Leslie Evelyn Bickford-Smith b: 1928 d: 1990
Leonard James Jacob b: 1928 d: 1989
John Allan Bickford-Smith b: 23 APR 1895 d: 8 MAY 1970
Joan Angel Allsebrook Simon b: 8 AUG 1901 d: 13 APR 1991
Norman Kennedy d: 1926
Hilary John Bickford-Smith Cdr RN b: 8 FEB 1926 d: 25 MAY 1988
Aubrey Louis Bickford-Smith b: 4 FEB 1902 d: 9 JUL 1975
Roger Bickford-Smith b: 1939 d: 1997
Clifton Wyndham Hilary Skinner , R.F.A. b: 26 MAR 1880 d: 17 FEB 1908
Caroline Rachel Skinner b: 14 JUL 1840
Anna Cordelia Skinner b: 14 JUL 1840
Parkes Willy , Rev b: ABT 1827
Bertie Willy b: 1870
Alexander Cavendish Willy b: 19 JUL 1864
Marion Caroline Willy b: 7 APR 1866
Ada Arabella Willy b: 15 NOV 1869
Catherine Anna Willy b: 15 NOV 1869 d: 16 NOV 1869
Florance Marion Skinner b: 13 AUG 1842 d: 12 APR 1918
Walter Holden Steward b: 1832 d: 1913
Henry Allan Holden Steward b: 18 MAY 1865
Georgiana Rosalind Steward b: 15 JUL 1896
Florance May Steward b: 10 SEP 1866 d: 29 MAR 1917
Lilian Grace Caroline Steward b: 7 APR 1870 d: 1940
Adolfo Arturo Burlamacchi b: 18 FEB 1869 d: 7 JUN 1905
Francesco Adolfo Gualtiero Burlamacchi b: 25 OCT 1892 d: 1939
Maria Fede Burlamacchi b: 25 OCT 1892
Gualtiero Arturo Burlamacchi , Marchese b: 4 OCT 1896 d: 12 SEP 1947
Giulia Bevilacqua b: 1902 d: 1990
Adolfo Burlamacchi b: DEC 1925 d: 1933
Maurizio Burlamacchi b: 14 MAY 1930 d: November 2016
Gualtiero Burlamacchi b: 11 MAR 1954 d: 1957
Gwendoline Maud Catherine Steward b: 3 APR 1871 d: 1956
Gerio Massimiliano Strozzi b: 29 JAN 1898 d: 5 APR 1976
Uberto Georgio Alessandro Strozzi b: 4 JAN 1900 d: 13 NOV 1982
Katherine Louisa Skinner b: 17 OCT 1843 d: 1920
Ashley George Westby b: ABT 1835
Mary Florance Westby b: 2 NOV 1877
Ashley Thomas Westby , R.N.R. b: 21 JUL 1879 d: 14 JAN 1900
Wilfred George Westby b: 5 MAY 1881
Edwin John Westby b: 21 JAN 1883
Ernest Ashley Bramall , Sir b: 6 JAN 1916 d: 10 FEB 1999
Edwin Noel Westby Bramall b: 18 DEC 1923 d: 12 NOV 2019
Maud Elizabeth Skinner b: 25 OCT 1844 d: 24 JUN 1904
Allan Chaplin , Col b: 20 JUN 1844 d: 19 AUG 1910
Wyndham Allan Chaplin , Mus. Bac. Oxon., Rev b: 12 NOV 1872 d: 29 AUG 1914
Evelyn Dorothea Williamson b: 1873 d: 1945
Mabel Florance Ida Chaplin b: 7 OCT 1875 d: 1970
Charles Nugent Hope-Wallace b: 3 FEB 1877 d: 15 OCT 1953
Philip Hope-Wallace b: NOV 1911 d: 1979
Nina Mary Hope-Wallace b: 14 DEC 1905 d: 1995
BART, Sir Edward O Hoare b: 29 APR 1898 d: 1969
Maud Dorothea Fanny Chaplin b: 23 JUL 1880 d: 6 NOV 1899
Allan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G. b: 20 MAR 1846 d: 14 JUN 1901
John Harding Skinner b: 16 SEP 1876
Caroline Emily Skinner b: 8 SEP 1877
? T Isaac Boggis b: 16 JUN 1908
Cecilia F E Boggis b: 26 OCT 1910
Alan T Boggis b: 18 NOV 1912 d: 1973
Clifton Maclean Skinner b: 19 FEB 1879 d: 20 NOV 1918
Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner b: 2 NOV 1880 d: 1961
Ellen Florance Skinner b: 13 JUL 1884
William Shelford Skinner b: 19 DEC 1886
Mildred Skinner b: 10 SEP 1890