Edmonde Skinner

Edmonde Skinner

b: ABT 1554
d: 19 MAY 1628
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Edmund gained a B.A. degree at Oxford (2), becoming a subdeacon on 13 Feb 1576, deacon on 26 Sep 1574 and priest on 25 Sep 1575, ordained by the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. On March 2nd, 1582-3, he succeeded Edmund Lytler, as Vicar of St. Sepulchre's, and four years later, 2nd March 1587-8, he became Vicar of St. Giles. There is no record of his Institution, but he was Inducted 16th March 1582-3. (Peterborough Induction Book). (3)

He appeared at the Bishop's Visitations of 1591 and 1594, as Vicar of both churches.
On June 22nd 1603, he was licenced by Thomas, Bishop of Peterborough, as a Preacher.

On 6 Aug 1594 the Bishop of Lambeth instituted him as rector of Pitsford, he resigned St. Sepulchre's on becoming Vicar of Pitsford, and quitted St. Giles' in 1596.

He married Bridgett, daughter of Humphrey Radclyffe, esq. of Warwickshire (4); she died 17 Jan and was buried 18 Jan 1629/30 at Pitsford.

Note: Some have Bridgett's parents as Sir Humphrey and Isabel Radclyffe. They had 6 children, Thomas, Edward, Mary, Frances, Elizabeth and Martha (5). But as yet I can't find a Bridget.

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Edmund's entry in Foster's Alumni Oxonienes:-

Skinner, Edmund; B.A. supd.13 Feb 1575-6; perhaps rector Pisford, Northants 1594;
(s.Thomas of Ledbury, co. Hereford); father of Robert 1606. See Ath.iv 842; & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus.

How Edmund came to St Giles

John Foster, who was vicar 1584-1587, does not appear to have been a credit to his cloth. A few weeks after his institution he was presented in the Archdeacon's Court (18 June,1584), "for makinge dyvers unlawful marriages at Lychbarrow while he was there."

During his four years of office at St. Giles', he entirely neglected the keeping of the parish register, which is a blank from 1584-1587. The living was sequestrated in 1587, and Edmund Skinner, Vicar of St. Sepulchre's, was put in charge of the parish. From 1587-1590, Skinner is sometimes spoken of as Vicar, and at other times as Sequestrator of St. Giles. (3, ibid)

Edmund Skinner, was also summoned before the Archdeacon in 1589, for a curious breach of the marriage laws. The churchwardens of St. Giles', presented him for marrying one Hills and his wife "uppon Mondaie beinge the xiijth of Januarie, during a forbidden season." (3, ibid)

In those days marriages were illegal from Advent Sunday till eight days after Epiphany, and Skinner celebrated the marriage in question one day too soon. He was dismissed by the Archdeacon with a caution.

Gobion's Manor. Edmund Skinner's deposition.

In 1598 an action was brought by John Carr, Vicar of St. Giles', against Thomas Craswell, the point in dispute being whether certain tithes were, or were not, payable by the tenants of Gobion's Farm.

Depositions were taken at Northampton, 15th September, 40 Elizabeth, before Valentine Knightley, Esq., Francis Harvie, and Wm. Paynter,- Gents. A number of interrogations were
put to each witness, the most important being No. 6, which ran as follows :

"Item, have you not knowne, or have heard by credible report that ye Vicars for ye time being of St. Giles', have had tithe wool, tithe lambe, and tithe milk paid unto them in kind by ye farmers or owners of all sheep and mylch beasts as have gone, Fedd, and pastured within ye lymmits of ye said parishe, or consider aeon for ye same, as ye said Vicars for ye tymebeinge, or ye owners of ye same sheepp and Beasts could agree."

" Edmonde Skynner of Pitsford, clerke, aged xliij yeres or thereabowtes, sworne and examined, saieth yt he doth knowe ye parishe and vicarege of Seinct Giles in Northampton, and hath knowne it for ye space of xvj yeres, and did receive ye fruites thereof by vertue of a sequestracon for ye space of vij yeres, and he served ye cure so longe."

He deposed further that " he knoweth ye farme called Gubbins farme and yt Mr. Britten, and Mr. Harrison have bine occupiers of ye same farme all the time of this deponents memorie.
And ye scite of Gubbins' farme is wth in Seinct giles' parishe. The landes in the feilde this deponent knoweth not of what parishe they are."

He saieth further that " this deponent received by vertue of his sequestracon in one vacacon for one yere, viz., 1583, xyjs. of the occupiers of Gibbons' farme for a rate tithe for ye whole farme due to ye Viccarradge of Seynt giles aforeseid ; and in ye other vacacon, viz., 1588 untill 1594, this deponent had and received yerelie of Mr. Britton and Mr. Harrison, occupiers of ye seid farme xvjs. viijd. (sic) for ye rate tithe of all ye farme by vertue of ye Sequestracon. The occacon
ho we he knowes of ye xvjs. to be paid he saieth was yt he had seane a booke of Mr. Litler's, viccar there immediatlie before ye seid first vacacon, wherein was menconed yt he, ye seid Litler, had received xvjs. for the tithe of the seid farme due to ye vic- car, And ye reason whie he this deponent received xvjs. viijd. was yt John Foster, the last incumbent before this seid seconde
vacacon, had so received of the occupiers of the seid farme."

' ' He knoweth not howe longe ye parishe of Seint Edmondes hath bine decaied, and he saieth yt ye Viccars of Seinct Giles for ye time being have received the fruites of Seinct Edmondes, but by what right this deponent [knoweth] not. Yet he saieth yt he received both the fruites of Seinct Edmundes and also of Seinct giles by vertue of a sequestracon thereof expresslie granted."

He further deposed that " such shepe as have depastured on the commons to Gubbins' farme and Wilkinson's farme have also usuallie gone and fedd in the feildes of Northampton wt owt the perambulacon of Seinct Giles parishe." (3 ibid)

Will of Edmund Skinner, Rector of Pitsford, dated 27 Oct 1625, proved 9 Jun 1628.

Burial in chancel of Pitsford and 10s towards buying a sanctus bell for the steeple of Pitsford. To be paid to the churchwardens when the parishioners there will agree and consent to the buying of such a bell. To son Edmund the house in which he now dwells and land purchased of T. Lovell to enter thereon at death of my wife, Bridget.
To daughter Phillip Skinner [?] £80 at marriage. To children of Mr Robert Skinner, Katherine Bett and Rachel Warren (sic) 10s each. To my grandchildren 6s 8d each. Rest to wife Bridget, executrix. Estate worth £222 14s 4d.

Abstract of the will of Bridget Skinner, mother of Phillip.
The will was made on 12 January 1630 and proved on 23 March 1630.

To her son Robert she left the furnace, kerb and all other things belonging to the chimney, and all the hovel timber. To his wife she left the best bed stead, to their son his grandfather’s books and to their daughter Mary the great chest in the little parlour.
To her son Edmund she left the best feather bed and after his death to her son John. Edmund was also to have the great brass pot and a pan.
To her three daughters [presumably the older three] she left the chest in the little chamber and all its contents to be equally divided between them.
To her sister Foster she left 20s and a pair of sheets.
To her daughter Phillip went a warming pan and a spice mortar.
The rest of the household stuff went to her son Edmund and her three daughters.
She left 20s to her son Thomas, £4 to his daughter Bridget and 20s to his daughter Elizabeth.
The poor of Pitsford received 20s, and her servants received as each(?)
She left all her clothes to the wife of her son Edmund and to her three daughters. The rest of her money she left to her son Edmund and made him her executor.
  • ABT 1554 - Birth - ; Pitsford, Northampton, England. IGI gives only the name of a relative 'George Skinner', not the father's name. This coul
  • 21 MAY 1628 - Burial - ; in Pitsford, aged 74 years, after being Parson for 34 years
  • 19 MAY 1628 - Death -
  • 1595 - Fact -
  • Nobility Title - Rev
Stephen Skynner
ABT 1475 -
Edmonde Skinner
ABT 1554 - 19 MAY 1628
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Skynner , Sir
Marriageto Elizabeth Newdigate
FatherStephen Skynner
MotherDaughter of Chambers of Elstowe
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Newdigate
Marriageto Thomas Skynner , Sir
MEdmonde Skinner
BirthABT 1554Pitsford, Northampton, England. IGI gives only the name of a relative 'George Skinner', not the father's name. This coul
Death19 MAY 1628
Marriageto Bridget Ratleiffe
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Edmonde Skinner
BirthABT 1554Pitsford, Northampton, England. IGI gives only the name of a relative 'George Skinner', not the father's name. This coul
Death19 MAY 1628
Marriageto Bridget Ratleiffe
FatherThomas Skynner , Sir
MotherElizabeth Newdigate
PARENT (F) Bridget Ratleiffe
Death17 JAN 1629
Marriageto Edmonde Skinner
FatherHumphrey Ratleiffe
MRobert Skinner , DD
Birth10 FEB 1590Northampton, on a Wednesday, and baptized 12 February 1590 [NB The entry in the Dictionary of National Biography is unce
Death14 JUN 1670
Marriageto Elizabeth Bangor
MEdmund Skinner
Birth24 AUG 1592Christening, Northampton, England. IGI gives only the name of a relative 'George Skinner', not the father's name. This c
MThomas Skinner
MEdmond Skinner
MJohn Skinner
MMatthew Skinner
FKatherine Skinner
FAnne Skinner
FRachel Skinner
MSon Skinner
Marriageto ?
[S6627] 'A Few Memorials of the Right Rev. Robert Skinner, D.D., Bishop of Worcester, 1663.....'
Descendancy Chart
Edmonde Skinner b: ABT 1554 d: 19 MAY 1628
Bridget Ratleiffe d: 17 JAN 1629
Robert Skinner , DD b: 10 FEB 1590 d: 14 JUN 1670
Elizabeth Bangor b: 12 DEC 1603 d: 25 JUN 1644
Matthew Skinner b: 1 APR 1624 d: 1698
Robert Skinner b: 28 MAY 1655 d: 20 MAR 1697
Anne Buckby d: 24 JUN 1718
Matthew Skinner b: 22 OCT 1689 d: 21 OCT 1749
Matthew Skinner b: 8 MAR 1729 d: 14 JUN 1814
Anne Moody d: 19 JUN 1798
Matthew Skinner , Rev b: 19 DEC 1764 d: 23 JUN 1825
Mary Anne Skinner b: 6 APR 1770
Matthew Longmore b: 1794 d: 1810
William Alexander Longmore d: 11 JAN 1823
Samuel James Skinner , RA b: 1798 d: 10 JUN 1866
George Longmore b: 25 MAY 1797
George Moody Longmore d: 19 APR 1855
Emma Syrett d: 22 FEB 1870
10 William Syrett Longmore b: 28 AUG 1857
10 Reginald Hood Longmore b: 31 MAY 1859
10 Laura Caroline Longmore b: 3 OCT 1860
10 Herbert Alexander Longmore b: 7 MAR 1864
10 Felix Rainsford Longmore b: 24 SEP 1866
10 Rosa Skynner Longmore b: 1 APR 1868
10 Emma Alexandra Longmore b: 15 FEB 1870
Richard Skinner b: 31 MAY 1693 d: 26 JUL 1746
Samuel Skinner b: 13 JAN 1696 d: 1731
Mary Skinner d: 1768
Samuel Skinner b: 10 JUL 1633
Catherine Russell d: 28 SEP 1763
Samuel Skinner d: 1742
Mary Walker d: FEB 1798
Russell Skinner b: 17 JUL 1765
Samuel Skinner b: 18 JUN 1799 d: 1 NOV 1811
Russell Skinner , Rev b: 3 JUN 1803
Violetta Mary Skinner b: 4 AUG 1835
Lucy Judith Skinner b: 3 DEC 1836 d: 13 JAN 1861
Mary Skinner b: 15 JUN 1804 d: SEP 1804
Joseph Skinner d: 8 FEB 1819
Samuel Skinner b: 4 JUL 1774 d: 21 MAY 1854
Mary Routledge d: 21 APR 1855
Russell Morland Skinner b: 11 APR 1809
Charles Bruce Skinner b: 7 AUG 1834 d: 16 FEB 1863
Harriette Catherine Tudor b: 14 NOV 1838 d: 23 OCT 1860
10 Bruce Morland Skinner , Major General b: 3 APR 1858 d: 3 MAY 1932
10 Evelyn Colin Skinner b: 12 OCT 1860
10 Ernest Edward Becher Skinner b: 28 MAY 1862
Russell Morland Skinner b: 11 OCT 1837
10 Bruce Frederick Skinner b: 22 JUN 1863
10 Helen Louisa Skinner b: 13 FEB 1865
Cortlandt Skinner b: 3 SEP 1839
Evelyn Swinton Skinner b: 29 JAN 1843
James Tierney Skinner b: 26 JUL 1845
Edmund Grey Skinner b: 29 JAN 1850
Becher Skinner b: 25 OCT 1851
Russell Grey Skinner b: 25 JUN 1845
Edward Morland Skinner b: 8 MAR 1847
William Henry Stock Skinner b: 20 JUN 1850
Russell Skinner d: 29 DEC 1785
Russell Skinner b: 1771 d: 1832
John Skinner , Rev b: 1772 d: 1839
Laura Skinner b: 1806 d: 1820
Fitzowen George Skinner b: 1807 d: 1807
Fitzowen Skinner b: 29 FEB 1808
Fitzowen John Skinner b: DEC 1838
Laura Skinner b: JAN 1840
Russell Skinner b: MAR 1842
John Francis Skinner b: APR 1843
Robert George Skinner b: DEC 1844
Stephen Skinner b: JAN 1846
Anna Skinner b: 16 FEB 1809
Joseph Henry Skinner b: 12 MAY 1810 d: FEB 1833
Eliza Tertia Skinner b: 7 JUN 1811 d: 2 FEB 1812
Marianne Skinner b: 1774
Edward Skinner b: 1775 d: 1792
Eliza Skinner b: 1776 d: 1812
William North Skinner b: 1777 d: 1823
Laura Skinner b: 1778 d: 1823
Henry Skinner b: 1780 d: 1801
Fitzowen George Skinner b: 1782 d: 23 MAY 1810
Emma Skinner b: 1783 d: 1812
Robert Skinner b: 6 MAR 1625 d: MAY 1681
Elizabeth Skinner d: 5 JUN 1720
Lucy Skinner d: 23 AUG 1727
William Skinner b: 1636 d: 26 AUG 1695
Humphrey Skinner b: 4 JUN 1640
Edmund Skinner b: 24 AUG 1592
John Skinner b: 1636 d: 1704
James Skinner , Lieut Col b: 1778 d: 1841
Hercules Skinner b: 1814 d: 1866
James Skinner b: 1808 d: 1861
Robert Skinner b: 1783 d: 1821