John Major Skinner , Lieut General

John Major Skinner , Lieut General

b: 16 FEB 1752
d: 10 OCT 1827
For an account of the life of John Skinner see 'Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General John Skinner and his Sons' published Stafford in 1863, 80pp; and 'A few Memorials of the Rt. Rev. Robert Skinner, D.D., Bishop of Worcester, 1663' published in 1866, about 65pages; both researched and written by his son Allan Maclean Skinner. These document were in the British Library, at Shelfmarks 10826.g.9 and respectively, in 2001.

The monument on the north wall of Heston Church reads: "As a soldier, he was distinguished for bravery and generosity. In his several relations of life, he was upright and sincere. Deservedly esteemed and deeply regretted by all who knew him".

From Pedigree E - Epitome of the 'Great Pedigree of the Chaplin and Skinner families' prepared by Alan Maclean Skinner QC in 1863:

Alfred the Great, King of England (871-901)

beget Edward the Elder (901-925) who

beget Edmund (940-946) who

beget Edgar (959-975) who

beget Ethelread the Unready (979-1016) who married in 1002 Emma, daughter of Richard 1, Duke of Normandy and

beget Edward the Confessor (1042-1066) but also Goda, who married Walter de Medantine, Count d'Amiens and

beget Rodulph, Earl of Hereford, Lord of Sudely and Toddington who

beget Harold, who

beget John de Sudely, who married Grace, daughter of Henry de Traci, Lord of Barnstaple and

beget William of Toddington called Tracy, one of the four knights who slew St Thomas a Beckett 29.12.1170 and

beget after a further 15 descents Margaret Tracy who married Thomas Clynton High Sheriff of Hereford 1568 and died December 1575

She had a daughter Mary who married Richard Skynner of Le Burtons and the Hill, Ledbury who died and was buried at Ledbury in 1608. The date of their marriage was 22 January 1575. Richard Skynner was descended (by 24 descents) from Sir Robert Skynnere, a Norman by birth, who came to England with William Duke of Normandy in 1066 and married the daughter and heiress of Sir Robert Bolingbroke in Lincolnshire (a Saxon).

Richard Skynner and his wife Mary:

beget after 6 descents Lieutenant General John Skinner who married Ann, daughter of John Maclean and his wife Florance of Inverscadle - descended from Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland.

From 'The Chaplin and Skinner Families' December 1902 page 62 to 63:


>> I N the year 1863, Mr. Allan Maclean. Skinner. Q.C., Recorder of Windsor, and some time County Court Judge of the Wolverhampton District, published an account of the family of SKYNNER or SKINNER, of Ledbury, his father's family, and traced the unbroken descent of his mother, Anne, daughter of John Maclean, from Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Mr. Allan Maclean Skinner, with the help of his adopted son and devoted friend, Clifton Newman Curtis, drew up various genealogical tables, notably a pedigree showing both his own descent from the Royal House of King Alfred and from Sir Robert Skynnere, a Norman who came to England with William the Conqueror, and the descent of his wife, Caroline Emily, daughter of the Rev. John Harding, from King Edward I. and St. Louis.
This pedigree is now in the possession of John Allan Cleveland Skinner, and in Pedigree E I have endeavoured to give a short epitome of the original, and to show in a simple manner how the marriage of Mr. Allan Maclean Skinner with Miss Caroline Emily Harding united the descendants of Emma, daughter of the Duke of Normandy, by her first marriage with the Saxon King Ethelred, and those by her second marriage with the great Canute, King of Denmark and of England, and conqueror of Norway.
Edmund Ironside, says a Saxon genealogist, had two sons, Edwin and Edward, and an only daughter, whose name does not appear in history because of her wilful conduct, seeing that she formed a most imprudent alliance with the King's Skinner, i.e., the Master of the Robes. The King in his anger banished the Skinner from England, together with his daughter. They both went to Normandy, where they lived on public charity, and had successively three daughters. Having one day come to Falaise to beg at Duke Richard's door, the Duke, struck with the beauty of the woman and her children, asked who she was. "I am," she said, "an Englishwoman of the Royal Blood." The Duke on this answer treated her with honour, took the Skinner into his service, and had one of his daughters brought up in the Palace. She was Arlotte, or Charlotte, the mother of the Conqueror.
Be this as it may, the tradition is preserved in the different branches of the Skinner family that they are descended from the maternal relations of the Conqueror, whom he brought forward, as history testifies, instead of his paternal relations, the latter having endeavoured to drive him from the throne of Normandy.
At the College of Arms at the 28th page of the 23rd Volume of MS. pedigrees in the handwriting of Robert Dale from I703 to 1713 Blanch Lion, Poursuivant Extraordinary, afterwards Richmond Herald, is the following pedigree, communicated to him in 1713 by William Skynner, Vicar of Sunbury.
"The name of Skynnere is a name in the Kyngdom of Ingland that came with the elegetematt William Duke of Normandey, who mayd conquest of thatt Kyngdom, the first of the name of Skynnere being a knight named Sir Robartt Skynnere, borne in Normandey, who for his good services done unto the Conqueror was made a free denneson in the foresayd kyngdom; he married in the Countey of Lincone unto the daughter and heayer of Sir Robartt Bollingbrocke, Knight of the Rase of Saxony, from him is descended 28 desenttes, whereof six wher Knights, they all of them lyvinge as gentellmen of name and sortte. The coat armour is quarterly. The first he beareth azure, a chevron or between three roebucks trepent, argent, horned or, by the name of Skynnere. The second he beareth sable, ten fleur de louses or, four in chief, three in fyoll, two in fesse, and one in base, by the name of Bolingbroke. Within a mantlett argent, dubled gules, one bowe helmet and tassetts proper, on the first a roebuck trepant argent horned or, by the foresaid name of Skynnere, on the second an unicorn's head coupé argent horned or, by the name of Bolingbroke.
Yours to command,

Transcribed literally from an ill written rude draught or pedigree in eight sheets of paper pasted together, at the top whereto is joined another sheet with an achievement of two coats and crests in colors.


Mr. Allan Maclean Skinner in his pedigree points out that the heraldic distinction is a molette of eight points azure on a crescent or, and that in a woman's hand these two coats are blazoned, 1st pale of six pieces or and azure. Fegs ermine, two field argent, chief azure, two mullets or, pierced gules. <<

Note: In the British Museum there is the Skinner Chair. According to a note made by Effie Irene Ray-Jones (nee Pearce) this chair was bequeathed by the Rev. John Skinner, Vicar of Cannerton. It belonged to Dr Robert Skinner, Bishop of Buxton in 1636 (later Bishop of Worcester) and was used:
- by Prince Albert at the launching of the SS Great Britain in 1843
- by Edward Prince of Wales at the cutting of the first sod of the Royal Edward Dock in 1902
- by King George V at the Royal Show in 1913.

Allan Maclean Skinner found amongst his father's possessions the order from the Prince Regent for the restitution of Guadeloupe to France following the Peace Treaty signed in Paris on 13 May 1813; and a gold medal from HRH the Duke of York, sent on 1 July 1815, commemorating the capture of the island.


From PCC wills at the Family Records Centre (FRC):

SKINNER, John, Lieut-General Surry Nov 1827 670. Film PROB11 - 1733 Will proven 1827
  • 16 FEB 1752 - Birth - ; (Date of baptism at Bishopsgate Church). His father was curate there, as well as evening lecturer there and at the chur
  • 10 OCT 1827 - Death - ; Richmond, Surrey. His brother-in-law Donald Maclean of 37 Brunswick Sq London was joint executor with Ann, to whom he l
  • 4 SEP 1772 - Fact -
  • 23 NOV 1775 - Fact -
  • 10 NOV 1780 - Fact -
  • 3 JUL 1782 - Fact -
  • 1 MAR 1794 - Fact -
  • 25 NOV 1795 - Fact -
  • MAY 1797 - Fact -
  • 1 JAN 1798 - Fact -
  • 11 APR 1805 - Fact -
  • 25 APR 1808 - Fact -
  • 25 SEP 1808 - Fact -
  • 1810 - Fact -
  • 4 JUN 1811 - Fact -
  • 19 JUL 1821 - Fact -
  • Nobility Title - Lieut. General
Richard Skynner
1680 - 19 JUN 1736
Thomas Skinner
1716 - 30 MAR 1775
John Major Skinner , Lieut General
16 FEB 1752 - 10 OCT 1827
Ann Moore
1724 - 7 MAR 1784
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Skinner
Birth1716Christened 6 September 1716 at Pixley, Hereford, England (IGI)
Death30 MAR 1775
Marriage7 OCT 1746to Ann Moore at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
FatherRichard Skynner
MotherElizabeth Kidley
PARENT (F) Ann Moore
Death7 MAR 1784
Marriage7 OCT 1746to Thomas Skinner at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, England
MThomas Skinner
Death16 MAR 1821
FAnn Skinner
Death30 JAN 1795
MJohn Major Skinner , Lieut General
Birth16 FEB 1752(Date of baptism at Bishopsgate Church). His father was curate there, as well as evening lecturer there and at the chur
Death10 OCT 1827Richmond, Surrey. His brother-in-law Donald Maclean of 37 Brunswick Sq London was joint executor with Ann, to whom he l
Marriage18 DEC 1797to Ann Maclean at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland by the Rev Dr Mudie (additional source: IGI)
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Major Skinner , Lieut General
Birth16 FEB 1752(Date of baptism at Bishopsgate Church). His father was curate there, as well as evening lecturer there and at the chur
Death10 OCT 1827 Richmond, Surrey. His brother-in-law Donald Maclean of 37 Brunswick Sq London was joint executor with Ann, to whom he l
Marriage18 DEC 1797to Ann Maclean at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland by the Rev Dr Mudie (additional source: IGI)
FatherThomas Skinner
MotherAnn Moore
PARENT (F) Ann Maclean
Birth12 DEC 1773Ardgour House (Cooil House), Kilmallie, Argyleshire, Scotland (IGI gives date as 1 December)
Death16 JAN 1864 8 Stratton Street, Picadilly, London, of bronchitis
Marriage18 DEC 1797to John Major Skinner , Lieut General at St Cuthberts, Edinburgh, Scotland by the Rev Dr Mudie (additional source: IGI)
FatherJohn Maclean
MotherFlorance Maclean
FAnne Skinner
Birth14 NOV 1798Edinburgh
Death27 MAR 1855Bath
Marriage20 SEP 1832to Henry Vere Huntley , RN at Bolney Church, Sussex
MThomas Skinner , CB
Birth22 FEB 1800Edinburgh
Death5 MAY 1843Mussoorie, in Himalayas, of dysentry
Marriageto Sophia Raikes
MJohn Skinner
Birth23 AUG 1802
Death28 NOV 1821Jamaica, of yellow fever
MJames Skinner
Birth27 SEP 1803Kinsale, Ireland
Death12 JAN 1842Afghanistan
MAllan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
Birth14 JUL 18099 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London, christened there 22 August 1809 (Parish of St Luke)
Death23 MAY 1885Reading, Berkshire
Marriage20 DEC 1837to Caroline Emily Harding at Nolton Chapel, Bridgend, Glamorganshire
FMarianne Skinner
Birth1 AUG 1801
Death20 DEC 18855 Ashley Place, buried in Brompton Cemetary
[S16279] 'Sketch of the Military Services of Lieutenant-General Skinner and his sons'
Descendancy Chart
John Major Skinner , Lieut General b: 16 FEB 1752 d: 10 OCT 1827
Ann Maclean b: 12 DEC 1773 d: 16 JAN 1864
Anne Skinner b: 14 NOV 1798 d: 27 MAR 1855
Henry Vere Huntley , RN b: 12 FEB 1795 d: 7 MAY 1864
Robert Spencer Huntley d: 15 FEB 1869
Henry Ferrers Huntley b: 5 JUL 1842 d: 13 JUN 1873
Thomas Skinner , CB b: 22 FEB 1800 d: 5 MAY 1843
John Skinner b: 23 AUG 1802 d: 28 NOV 1821
James Skinner b: 27 SEP 1803 d: 12 JAN 1842
Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C. b: 14 JUL 1809 d: 23 MAY 1885
Caroline Emily Harding b: 22 OCT 1812 d: 12 JAN 1901
Euphemia Isabella Skinner b: 7 JUN 1847 d: 10 SEP 1939
Holroyd Chaplin b: 17 MAR 1840 d: 23 DEC 1917
Irene Kate Chaplin b: 1 MAR 1873 d: 22 JUN 1962
John William Ernest Pearce b: 4 APR 1864 d: 25 JAN 1951
Edward Holroyd Pearce , Lord b: 9 FEB 1901 d: 27 NOV 1990
Erica Priestman b: 1906 d: DEC 1985
Richard Bruce Holroyd Pearce b: 12 MAY 1930 d: 1987
James Edward Holroyd Pearce b: 18 MAR 1934 d: 11 JUN 1985
Phyllis Margaret Pearce b: 8 FEB 1910 d: 6 JUN 1973
Edward Douglas Eade b: 7 FEB 1911 d: 24 DEC 1984
John Allan Chaplin Pearce b: 21 OCT 1912 d: 15 SEP 2006
Helen Nugent Pearce b: 22 NOV 1917 d: 6 APR 1920
Effie Irene Pearce b: 18 AUG 1899 d: 26 JAN 1996
Raymond Ray-Jones b: 31 AUG 1886 d: 26 FEB 1942
Holroyd Anthony Ray-Jones b: 7 JUN 1941 d: 13 MAR 1972
Allan Nugent Chaplin b: 8 JUN 1871 d: 1917
Son Chaplin b: 29 NOV 1900 d: ABT 29 NOV 1900
Matilda Effie Chaplin b: 20 JUN 1874 d: 20 DEC 1874
Phyllis Chaplin b: 7 JUN 1879 d: 27 JUL 1924
Philip Herbert Cowell b: 1870 d: 1949
Theodoric Chaplin b: 14 FEB 1881 d: 29 OCT 1906
Daphne Grace Chaplin b: 6 SEP 1884 d: 16 FEB 1964
Daphne Grace Chaplin b: 6 SEP 1884 d: 16 FEB 1964
Cecil Arbuthnot Gould b: 1883 d: 1917
John Edwin Hilary Skinner b: 11 JAN 1839 d: 20 NOV 1894
Louisa Sarah Chaplin b: 23 APR 1838 d: 9 JUL 1897
John Allan Cleveland Skinner b: 19 SEP 1865 d: 8 SEP 1925
Hilary Francis Cleveland Skinner b: 10 OCT 1889 d: 25 JUL 1916
John Adrian Dudley Skinner b: 2 SEP 1891 d: 30 MAY 1965
Bruce Allan Maclean Skinner b: 29 AUG 1927 d: 2002
Caroline Louisa Marianne Skinner b: 22 FEB 1873 d: 20 JUN 1936
Roandeu Albert Henry Bickford-Smith b: 3 MAY 1859 d: 13 DEC 1916
William Nugent Venning Bickford-Smith b: 14 MAY 1892 d: 3 SEP 1975
Amy Evelyn Holme b: 6 SEP 1906 d: 21 JUL 1979
Leslie Evelyn Bickford-Smith b: 1928 d: 1990
Leonard James Jacob b: 1928 d: 1989
John Allan Bickford-Smith b: 23 APR 1895 d: 8 MAY 1970
Joan Angel Allsebrook Simon b: 8 AUG 1901 d: 13 APR 1991
Norman Kennedy d: 1926
Hilary John Bickford-Smith Cdr RN b: 8 FEB 1926 d: 25 MAY 1988
Aubrey Louis Bickford-Smith b: 4 FEB 1902 d: 9 JUL 1975
Roger Bickford-Smith b: 1939 d: 1997
Clifton Wyndham Hilary Skinner , R.F.A. b: 26 MAR 1880 d: 17 FEB 1908
Caroline Rachel Skinner b: 14 JUL 1840
Anna Cordelia Skinner b: 14 JUL 1840
Parkes Willy , Rev b: ABT 1827
Bertie Willy b: 1870
Alexander Cavendish Willy b: 19 JUL 1864
Marion Caroline Willy b: 7 APR 1866
Ada Arabella Willy b: 15 NOV 1869
Catherine Anna Willy b: 15 NOV 1869 d: 16 NOV 1869
Florance Marion Skinner b: 13 AUG 1842 d: 12 APR 1918
Walter Holden Steward b: 1832 d: 1913
Henry Allan Holden Steward b: 18 MAY 1865
Georgiana Rosalind Steward b: 15 JUL 1896
Florance May Steward b: 10 SEP 1866 d: 29 MAR 1917
Lilian Grace Caroline Steward b: 7 APR 1870 d: 1940
Adolfo Arturo Burlamacchi b: 18 FEB 1869 d: 7 JUN 1905
Francesco Adolfo Gualtiero Burlamacchi b: 25 OCT 1892 d: 1939
Maria Fede Burlamacchi b: 25 OCT 1892
Gualtiero Arturo Burlamacchi , Marchese b: 4 OCT 1896 d: 12 SEP 1947
Giulia Bevilacqua b: 1902 d: 1990
Adolfo Burlamacchi b: DEC 1925 d: 1933
Maurizio Burlamacchi b: 14 MAY 1930 d: November 2016
Gualtiero Burlamacchi b: 11 MAR 1954 d: 1957
Gwendoline Maud Catherine Steward b: 3 APR 1871 d: 1956
Gerio Massimiliano Strozzi b: 29 JAN 1898 d: 5 APR 1976
Uberto Georgio Alessandro Strozzi b: 4 JAN 1900 d: 13 NOV 1982
Katherine Louisa Skinner b: 17 OCT 1843 d: 1920
Ashley George Westby b: ABT 1835
Mary Florance Westby b: 2 NOV 1877
Ashley Thomas Westby , R.N.R. b: 21 JUL 1879 d: 14 JAN 1900
Wilfred George Westby b: 5 MAY 1881
Edwin John Westby b: 21 JAN 1883
Ernest Ashley Bramall , Sir b: 6 JAN 1916 d: 10 FEB 1999
Edwin Noel Westby Bramall b: 18 DEC 1923 d: 12 NOV 2019
Maud Elizabeth Skinner b: 25 OCT 1844 d: 24 JUN 1904
Allan Chaplin , Col b: 20 JUN 1844 d: 19 AUG 1910
Wyndham Allan Chaplin , Mus. Bac. Oxon., Rev b: 12 NOV 1872 d: 29 AUG 1914
Evelyn Dorothea Williamson b: 1873 d: 1945
Mabel Florance Ida Chaplin b: 7 OCT 1875 d: 1970
Charles Nugent Hope-Wallace b: 3 FEB 1877 d: 15 OCT 1953
Philip Hope-Wallace b: NOV 1911 d: 1979
Nina Mary Hope-Wallace b: 14 DEC 1905 d: 1995
BART, Sir Edward O Hoare b: 29 APR 1898 d: 1969
Maud Dorothea Fanny Chaplin b: 23 JUL 1880 d: 6 NOV 1899
Allan Maclean Skinner , C.M.G. b: 20 MAR 1846 d: 14 JUN 1901
John Harding Skinner b: 16 SEP 1876
Caroline Emily Skinner b: 8 SEP 1877
? T Isaac Boggis b: 16 JUN 1908
Cecilia F E Boggis b: 26 OCT 1910
Alan T Boggis b: 18 NOV 1912 d: 1973
Clifton Maclean Skinner b: 19 FEB 1879 d: 20 NOV 1918
Allan Leonard Dorney Skinner b: 2 NOV 1880 d: 1961
Ellen Florance Skinner b: 13 JUL 1884
William Shelford Skinner b: 19 DEC 1886
Mildred Skinner b: 10 SEP 1890
Marianne Skinner b: 1 AUG 1801 d: 20 DEC 1885