Mary Florance Westby

Mary Florance Westby

b: 2 NOV 1877
Dwin Bramall:

She lived in the country, with a terrible companion.

Alan Ray-Jones:

She lived in the country somewhere - perhaps in Sussex - and had a wonderful soft-fruit garden. I went to see her with my mother and brother when very young and I can still remember the rasberries and the hum of the bees on a summer's day. Most impressive and alarming though was her ear trumpet, which was an enormous affair into which you had to speak LOUDLY.

Philip Ray-Jones:

She lived at Buxted, Sussex. I had to stay with her aged about five, when my mother and Alan went to La Rochelle to the house of Madame La Botte. I hated it. She had nasty yapping Pekinese dogs which snapped at me. She stayed with Dan once at South Villa and I stepped on the Peke on the stairs which gave both of us a terrible shock. I had a miserable time in Buxted - the windows were never open.

Effie Ray-Jones:

"She lived in Florence, Italy with Aunt Florrie (Florance Steward) and her three daughters, for years - also in Germany for eight years, in Heidelburg" NB: See also note on Gualtiero Burlamacchi - that Mary Westby acted as his nanny.
  • 2 NOV 1877 - Birth -
Allan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
14 JUL 1809 - 23 MAY 1885
Katherine Louisa Skinner
17 OCT 1843 - 1920
Caroline Emily Harding
22 OCT 1812 - 12 JAN 1901
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Ashley George Westby
BirthABT 1835
Marriage16 NOV 1876to Katherine Louisa Skinner
PARENT (F) Katherine Louisa Skinner
Birth17 OCT 1843
Marriage16 NOV 1876to Ashley George Westby
FatherAllan Maclean Skinner , Q.C.
MotherCaroline Emily Harding
FMary Florance Westby
Birth2 NOV 1877
MAshley Thomas Westby , R.N.R.
Birth21 JUL 1879
Death14 JAN 1900Bombay, India
MWilfred George Westby
Birth5 MAY 1881
MEdwin John Westby
Birth21 JAN 1883
FBryda (Katherine Bridget) Westby
Birth18 AUG 1887
Marriageto Edmund Bramall , Major