Sarah Chaplin

Sarah Chaplin

b: 13 SEP 1813
d: 20 SEP 1855
[Letter written by Sarah Chaplin to Matilda Ayrton (who later married her brother John) two ways, lines crossing at right angles. It is closed with sealing wax]

To Miss Ayrton
Mrs Stuart’s
6 Portland St
Leamington, Warwickshire

Camden Town, August 25th 1831

My dear Matilda

As you expressed a wish to hear from the town I can not allow this week to pass without writing you a few lines, though I fear it is not in my power to spin out a very long letter as London is so empty that there is nothing to be seen but omnibusses and hacks. I assure you that you in the country are quite to be envied. John returned from (?) last Thursday looking all the better from the sea air, with his hands & face tanned as brown as a gypsy. On Saturday he left town with Edward for Abingdon where they intended staying a few days, and then going to the Morlands at Haling Island, and afterwards taking the tour of the Isle of Wight. Edward returns to town the first week in September. John will not return until the 13 which I dare say you remember is my birthday. I fear he will not be able to go to Leamington as he is obliged on his return to go to (Hare Hatch?). Papa has quite recovered from the gout and is going to Norfolk next Monday week. Since you left town our learned divine (alias poet) has been ill and not able to attend his church for the two last Sundays he had inflammation in the chest from the prongs of his brace buckle being turned the wrong way and pricking him the whole day which he thought was a great bile. I asked him if he was going to Leamington but he intends to go to the Isle of Wight with the Chimberlyes the Captain is returned and d’Arblay is to marry Steven Chimberlye on Monday. They intend spending their honeymoon at Windsor which I think if one place is worse than another they have fixed upon the one, and in October he leaves his better half to go to India and she returns to her Papa and Mama again to enjoy single blessingness. I think that way of marrying would make you look even worse than when you lived upon fish, by the way I am surprised your penchant for thin people rakish looking men is not subsided, I assure you though you do laugh at bright eyes they are much the most sincere. Your Mamma and Acton came to tea last Tuesday, they are both looking very well and desired their love to you and Mrs Stuart. We called the other day upon Lady Longreve but did not see her, she is going to Ramsgate in a few days. I think she will find it very dull alone with her little girl, perhaps Mr Hunt will be induced to pay Ramsgate another visit. Charles Cochrane called last Monday and stayed with me from two o'clock till half past five this is entre nous, as it might not be approved of by people of more mature years, he was very pleasant and inquired after the amiable Matilda, he says he is learning some new songs. I suppose he thinks they will become as stale as his compliments.

[at this point the lines start running at right angles across the text above]

Signor Kermis has not yet arrived in Ireland and no one knows where he is. I think we shall one-day hear that he is a hermit and living alone in some wood, that is alone in the eyes of the world. I cannot say much for your men at Leamington if G Malin would be thought an Apollo, but as for le petit Pouch he has no occasion to go to Leamington to be thought an Adonis for where ever he is that must be the universal opinion by all connoisseurs in beauty. Mr d’Arblay has been publishing (?)Guerrier des Polonnais, it is a very beautiful composition. We have given your Mamma a copy of it from the author, he is quite Pole mad. I must say adieu for the present as we are going out but Mr d’Arblay , complained last night of being in a very weak state, complete affectation when he can eat a pound of meat for his dinner. Georgina does not return before Edward. George Malin says he thinks she will have instead of a child a coach and horses. We met (?) the other day. I could not see his face but his turnout is quite West End. Papa remembers Mr (?) very well. (?) had the living off Daddington in Norfolk. We drank tea last Monday at the Whites. Mrs White is much better but almost reduced to a skeleton. Fred was very sweet upon (?) he walked home with her at night, the girls are quite well and bark as much as usual they desired to be remembered to you. Charley is going to lend us his book. Have you received any benefit from the eau médicinale? I thought you knew that I am never too lazy to write to those I like. We have just received some anonymous verses gouging us all not forgetting d’Arblay. I suppose you will not come to town for some time. I long to see and hear you again though you are much better where you are, for just now it is very (?) devilish. Westminster Abbey is being prepared for the Coronation. I am dying to be there. I should like a seat opposite the Minor Canons. I am quite tired of writing so much trash but I thought it better than only filling one side of my paper with sense. I hope you will not forget to write soon. With kind remembrances to Mrs Stuart and united kind love to your dear self,
Believe me
My dear Matilda
Ever your most affectionate friend
Sarah Chaplin
Will you make inquiries for Papa whether Sir Thomas Hare is living at or near Leamington.
  • 13 SEP 1813 - Birth - ; Privately baptized by her father and received in to the church 7 July 1814 by Rev Archdeacon Pott(?)
  • 20 SEP 1855 - Death -
Amos Chaplin
ABT 1742 - 1792
Edward Chaplin , MA, Rev.
7 JUL 1771 - 14 NOV 1858
Sarah Chaplin
13 SEP 1813 - 20 SEP 1855
Thomas Theodorick , Dr.
BEF 9 FEB 1739 - 1826
Margaret Clarke Theodorick
4 JAN 1771 - 29 NOV 1827
Margaret Clarke
- 18 FEB 1804
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Edward Chaplin , MA, Rev.
Birth7 JUL 1771Kentish Town, London
Death14 NOV 1858
Marriage10 SEP 1795to Margaret Clarke Theodorick at Edgefield in Norfolk, by Rev. Bransby Francis, Rector of Edgefield
FatherAmos Chaplin
MotherMaria.A. von Stocken
PARENT (F) Margaret Clarke Theodorick
Birth4 JAN 1771Holt
Death29 NOV 1827
Marriage10 SEP 1795to Edward Chaplin , MA, Rev. at Edgefield in Norfolk, by Rev. Bransby Francis, Rector of Edgefield
FatherThomas Theodorick , Dr.
MotherMargaret Clarke
MJohn Clarke Chaplin
Birth25 AUG 1806Watlington, Norfolk about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, privately baptized 26th by his father and recd into church by Rev
Death2 JUN 1856Tonbridge, Kent, England
Marriage6 APR 1835to Matilda Adriana Ayrton at Marylebone, London (New Church)
MEdward Amos Chaplin
Birth20 DEC 1796At 6 o'clock in the evening, privately baptised the same evening by his father, and publicly on 16 Aug 1797 by Rev Wm Ha
Death19 APR 1851
Marriage1829to Georgina Morland
FLouisa Margaret Chaplin
Birth3 APR 1810Between 6 & 7 o'clock in the morning, privately baptized 4 April and received into the church 17 August by Rev H Bell, s
Death24 JAN 1846
Marriageto Frederic Wickham , Rev
FAnn Chaplin
Birth21 MAY 1811At 1/4 after 2 o'clock in the morning, baptized 10 June and received in to the church 21 August 1811 by Rev H Bell, spon
Death21 APR 1880
MarriageJUL 1842to Samuel Hands Feild , Rev at St Martin's Church, Camden Town, London, UK
FSarah Chaplin
Birth13 SEP 1813Privately baptized by her father and received in to the church 7 July 1814 by Rev Archdeacon Pott(?)
Death20 SEP 1855
Marriageto James Mottram
MThomas Theodorick Chaplin
Birth19 DEC 1798At 1/2 after 4 in the morning, privately baptized the same day by his father and publickly on 1 April 1799 by Rev Thos B
Death10 MAR 1817
MGeorge Frederick Chaplin
Birth10 MAR 1800Between the hours of 4 and 5 o'clock in the morning, privately baptized by his father the same day and publickly by his
Death24 SEP 1821
MCharles Tower Chaplin
Birth26 AUG 1801At 1/4 after 8 o'clock in the evening, privately baptized the same evening by his father
Death8 SEP 1801Buried 11 September by Rev P Bell, Vicar of Stow, Norfolk
MHenry Chaplin
Birth23 MAR 1803At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, privately baptized by his father the same evening, and publickly on 20 July by Rev Willia
Death20 NOV 1822
FMary Anne Chaplin
Birth5 JUN 1804At 1/4 before 11 o'clock at noon, privately baptized the same day by her father, publickly baptized on 22 August by Rev
Death23 NOV 1808Buried Saturday, 26 November by Rev R Forby(?), Rector of Pincham
MCharles Chaplin
Birth2 JUL 1805Between 2 & 3 o'clock in the afternoon, privately baptized by his father on 3 July, and publickly by his father on 12 De
Death30 MAR 1810Buried 2 April 1810 by Rev H Bell, Vicar of Middleton
MWilliam Warmoll Chaplin
Birth4 FEB 1809Twin son. Privately baptized by Rev H Bell in the evening.
Death2 MAR 1809Buried 4 March 1809
FSarah Chaplin
Birth4 JUL 1812at 10 o'clock in morning, baptized 8th July
Death10 JUL 1812Buried 13 July 1812
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Mottram
Marriageto Sarah Chaplin
PARENT (F) Sarah Chaplin
Birth13 SEP 1813Privately baptized by her father and received in to the church 7 July 1814 by Rev Archdeacon Pott(?)
Death20 SEP 1855
Marriageto James Mottram
FatherEdward Chaplin , MA, Rev.
MotherMargaret Clarke Theodorick
[S6243] Amos Chaplin Book of Common Prayer 1759, in year 2000
Descendancy Chart
Sarah Chaplin b: 13 SEP 1813 d: 20 SEP 1855