Website Updates

  • I have added a page on Jack Pearce, my mother’s youngest brother, thirteen years her junior, now aged 90. Go to Pearce and click on his name – or just click here.
  • Simon’s page can be accessed from his name below. Should I make links from any other names on the chart below?
  • News and chat is now given in the Forum (password protected)..
  • More stories have been added to the stories page, for 1100, 1616, 1649, 1810, 1944, 1982 and 1989. More to come! Click on the ‘Ancestors, stories’ link on the right, then click anywhere on the precis of the story.
  • All the info about the Golden Wedding can be accessed here.
  • I have added information to the Welcher page (link on the right) about Winifred Welcher’s mother, who was born Anna Elizabeth Dant, and the Dant family.
Website Updates

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